Sue Plural, What is the Plural of Sue?

Meaning: institute legal proceedings

Plural of Sue

Singular Plural
sue sues

 Synonyms of Sue

  • take to court
  • take legal action against
  • prosecute
  • proceed against
  • bring charges against
  • charge
  • bring to trial

Sue as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The lawyer advised her to file a sue against the negligent driver.
  2. The victim decided to sue the company for workplace discrimination.
  3. She hired a skilled attorney to help her with the sue.
  4. The lawsuit involved a complex sue against a pharmaceutical company.
  5. The celebrity threatened to sue the tabloid for spreading false rumors.
  6. The victim’s family sought justice and decided to sue the perpetrator.
  7. The legal team prepared the necessary documents for the sue.
  8. The court proceedings began with the plaintiff presenting their sue.
  9. The settlement offered a resolution to the ongoing sue.
  10. The defendant’s lawyer argued against the validity of the sue.

Sue as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The law firm handled multiple high-profile sues
  2. The class-action lawsuit involved thousands of individuals as sues.
  3. The lawyer specialized in representing clients in medical malpractice sues.
  4. The firm’s reputation was built on their success in corporate sues.
  5. The judge managed a caseload consisting of various civil sues.
  6. The plaintiffs united to form a group and collectively file their sues.
  7. The attorney’s expertise in personal injury sues was well-known.
  8. The court system aimed to expedite the resolution of pending sues.
  9. The legal team reviewed the evidence before proceeding with the sues.
  10. The organization offered pro bono legal services to those unable to afford sues.

Singular Possessive of Sue

The singular possessive form of “Sue” is “Sue’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Sue:

  1. Sue’s determination led to success.
  2. We admired Sue’s perseverance in adversity.
  3. The story highlighted Sue’s courage in the face of challenges.
  4. The award recognized Sue’s achievements in the field.
  5. The photograph captured Sue’s radiant smile.
  6. The article discussed Sue’s contribution to the community.
  7. The biography narrated Sue’s inspiring journey.
  8. The painting depicted Sue’s inner strength.
  9. The interview focused on Sue’s experiences and insights.
  10. The documentary showcased Sue’s impact on society.

Plural Possessive of Sue

The plural possessive form of “Sue” is “Sues'”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Sue:

  1. Sues’ determination led to their collective success.
  2. We celebrated the Sues’ joint efforts and achievements.
  3. The stories highlighted the Sues’ resilience in different situations.
  4. The awards recognized the Sues’ contributions to their respective fields.
  5. The photographs captured the Sues’ joyous moments together.
  6. The articles discussed the Sues’ combined impact on the community.
  7. The biographies narrated the Sues’ inspiring collaborations.
  8. The paintings depicted the Sues’ collective creativity.
  9. The interviews focused on the Sues’ shared experiences and insights.
  10. The documentary showcased the Sues’ united efforts for societal change.

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