Levy Plural, What is the plural of Levy?

Meaning: an act of levying a tax, fee, or fine.

Plural of Levy

Singular Plural
Levy Levies

Levy as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The government imposed a new tax levy.
  2. She paid the annual property levy on her house.
  3. The company faced a hefty financial levy.
  4. The politician proposed a higher income levy.
  5. The court ordered a fine levy on the defendant.
  6. The city council discussed the garbage collection levy.
  7. The homeowner protested against the excessive levy.
  8. The budget included a special education levy.
  9. The new law introduced a carbon emissions levy.
  10. The company calculated the import levy on their products.

Levy as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The government implemented several tax levies.
  2. She paid all the outstanding property levies.
  3. The company faced multiple financial levies.
  4. The politicians debated the proposed income levies.
  5. The court issued heavy fines and levies on the defendants.
  6. The city council discussed various levies for public services.
  7. The homeowners organized a protest against the property levies.
  8. The budget allocated funds for different education levies.
  9. The new laws introduced multiple environmental levies.
  10. The company calculated the import and export levies on their goods.

Singular Possessive of Levy

The singular possessive form of “Levy” is “Levy’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Levy:

  1. The success of the company was Levy’s achievement.
  2. The responsibility falls on Levy’s shoulders.
  3. The decision was made by Levy’s team.
  4. The meeting was scheduled at Levy’s request.
  5. The strategy was devised by Levy’s experts.
  6. The book was authored by Levy’s favorite writer.
  7. The artwork was displayed in Levy’s gallery.
  8. The project was funded by Levy’s foundation.
  9. The house was built according to Levy’s specifications.
  10. The speech delivered by Levy’s representative was inspiring.

Plural Possessive of Levy

The plural possessive form of “Levy” is “Levies'”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Levy:

  1. The levies’ contributions supported the community.
  2. The decisions were made collectively by the levies’ board.
  3. The funds were allocated by the levies’ committee.
  4. The improvements were suggested by the levies’ members.
  5. The policies were implemented by the levies’ administration.
  6. The proposals were reviewed by the levies’ council.
  7. The investments were managed by the levies’ financial advisor.
  8. The regulations were enforced by the levies’ authority.
  9. The initiatives were supported by the levies’ taxpayers.
  10. The projects were approved by the levies’ committee.

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