Itinerary Plural, What is the plural of Itinerary?

Meaning: a planned route or journey.

Plural of Itinerary

Singular Plural
Itinerary Itineraries

Itinerary as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. She created a detailed travel itinerary.
  2. He followed the scheduled itinerary for the day.
  3. The tour guide handed out the daily itinerary.
  4. The traveler lost his itinerary at the airport.
  5. The wedding planner finalized the wedding itinerary.
  6. The backpacker planned a flexible itinerary for the trip.
  7. The conference organizer printed the event itinerary.
  8. She checked the itinerary before leaving the hotel.
  9. The cruise ship provided a comprehensive daily itinerary.
  10. The group followed the guided tour itinerary.

Itinerary as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. They handed out the conference itineraries to attendees.
  2. The travelers compared their individual itineraries.
  3. The tour operator arranged personalized itineraries for each group.
  4. The tourists lost their itineraries in the crowded market.
  5. The wedding planners organized multiple wedding itineraries.
  6. The backpackers shared their travel itineraries.
  7. The event coordinator prepared different daily itineraries.
  8. She checked the flight itineraries for any changes.
  9. The cruise company offered various guided tour itineraries.
  10. The travel agency provided customized vacation itineraries.

Singular Possessive of Itinerary

The singular possessive form of “Itinerary” is “Itinerary’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Itinerary:

  1. The details of the trip were in itinerary’s hands.
  2. The changes in the schedule were at itinerary’s discretion.
  3. The responsibility of organizing the events fell on itinerary’s shoulders.
  4. The information about the flights was in itinerary’s email.
  5. The success of the journey relied on itinerary’s accuracy.
  6. The length of the stay was determined by itinerary’s plan.
  7. The bookings were confirmed by itinerary’s agent.
  8. The destinations on itinerary’s list were exotic.
  9. The recommendations in itinerary’s guidebook were helpful.
  10. The meals were included in itinerary’s package.

Plural Possessive of Itinerary

The plural possessive form of “Itinerary” is “Itineraries'”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Itinerary:

  1. The itineraries’ details were carefully reviewed.
  2. The flights in the itineraries’ schedule were all on time.
  3. The accommodations in the itineraries’ options were diverse.
  4. The activities listed in the itineraries’ brochures were exciting.
  5. The attractions mentioned in the itineraries’ guidebooks were popular.
  6. The travelers followed their itineraries’ instructions.
  7. The group compared their itineraries’ recommendations.
  8. The tourists shared their itineraries’ highlights.
  9. The agency organized various itineraries’ to suit different preferences.
  10. The passengers checked their itineraries’ departure gates.

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