Comrade Plural, What is the Plural of Comrade?

Meaning: a colleague or a fellow member of an organization.

Plural of COMRADE

Singular Plural
Comrade Comrades

Synonyms of COMRADE

  • buddy
  • co-worker
  • confidant
  • crony
  • colleague
  • companion
  • compatriot

Comrade as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The soldier considered his fellow soldier a loyal comrade.
  2. The revolutionary leader addressed the crowd as comrades.
  3. The union worker stood in solidarity with their fellow comrade.
  4. The athlete’s teammate and closest friend was his comrade.
  5. The political activist fought alongside their comrade for a common cause.
  6. The firefighter relied on their comrade for support during challenging situations.
  7. The soldiers regarded their fallen comrade as a hero.
  8. The group of explorers formed a tight bond as comrades during their expedition.
  9. The labor union emphasized the importance of unity among comrades.
  10. The revolutionaries hailed each other as comrade in their struggle for social justice.

Comrade as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The revolutionaries addressed each other as comrades in their fight against oppression.
  2. The soldiers marched together, shoulder to shoulder, as comrades.
  3. The labor union organized meetings and gatherings for its comrades.
  4. The political party emphasized the camaraderie among its comrades.
  5. The athletes trained as a team, supporting one another as comrades.
  6. The firefighters relied on their fellow comrades during emergency situations.
  7. The workers’ movement united thousands of comrades in their struggle for fair treatment.
  8. The soldiers celebrated their victories with their fellow comrades.
  9. The activists shared their stories and experiences with like-minded comrades.
  10. The revolutionaries fought side by side as comrades, motivated by a common goal.

Singular Possessive of Comrade

The singular possessive form of “Comrade” is “Comrade’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Comrade:

  1. The soldier’s comrade’s sacrifice will never be forgotten.
  2. The leader appreciated the team member’s comrade’s dedication.
  3. The comrade’s courage inspired others to take action.
  4. The memorial honored the fallen comrade’s bravery.
  5. The organization recognized the employee’s comrade’s achievements.
  6. The comrade’s loyalty was unwavering in difficult times.
  7. The activist shared the story of her comrade’s activism.
  8. The comrade’s words resonated with the audience’s hearts.
  9. The comrade’s family received support from the community during their loss.
  10. The comrade’s legacy lived on through charitable work.

Plural Possessive of Comrade

The plural possessive form of “Comrade” is “Comrades'”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Comrade:

  1. The soldiers’ comrades’ bonds strengthened through shared experiences.
  2. The activists’ comrades’ dedication to the cause was admirable.
  3. The organization acknowledged the volunteers’ comrades’ commitment.
  4. The group of comrades’ supported each other during challenging times.
  5. The team’s comrades’ collaboration led to successful outcomes.
  6. The comrades’ families received support from the community during their absence.
  7. The movement’s comrades’ unity created a powerful force for change.
  8. The comrades’ sacrifices were recognized and honored.
  9. The comrades’ contributions to society were celebrated at the event.
  10. The organization aimed to provide resources for veterans and their comrades’.

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