Leave Plural, What is the plural of Leave?

Meaning: go away from.

Plural of Leave

Singular Plural
Leave Leaves

Leave as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. He took a long leave from work to travel.
  2. She requested a sick leave from her boss.
  3. The soldier returned from a military leave.
  4. The teacher marked his leave on the calendar.
  5. The employee applied for a maternity leave.
  6. The boss granted him a well-deserved leave.
  7. She enjoyed her summer leave at the beach.
  8. The student received permission for an early leave.
  9. The company offers paid leave for new parents.
  10. The artist took a creative leave to explore new ideas.

Leave as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The workers were granted paid leaves for the holidays.
  2. They took their annual leaves during the summer.
  3. The company policy allows for two weeks of leave.
  4. The employees planned their vacation leaves in advance.
  5. The teacher extended the deadline due to unforeseen leaves.
  6. The workers requested personal leaves for family matters.
  7. The team organized a farewell party for the departing leaves.
  8. She saved up her vacation leaves for a trip abroad.
  9. They scheduled their leaves to coincide with each other.
  10. The office was quiet during the staff’s maternity leaves.

Singular Possessive of Leave

The singular possessive form of “Leave” is “Leave’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Leave:

  1. The suitcase belongs to leave’s brother.
  2. The note on the fridge was leave’s reminder.
  3. The keys were left in leave’s car.
  4. The responsibility falls on leave’s shoulders.
  5. The decision was ultimately leave’s.
  6. The success of the project was leave’s accomplishment.
  7. The letter was signed with leave’s name.
  8. The meeting was rescheduled at leave’s request.
  9. The gift was given by leave’s close friend.
  10. The story was inspired by leave’s experiences.

Plural Possessive of Leave

The plural possessive form of “Leave” is “Leaves'”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Leave:

  1. The leaves’ colors changed in the autumn.
  2. The wind rustled the leaves’ branches.
  3. The sound of the rain hitting the leaves’ surface was calming.
  4. The pile of leaves’ raked up quickly.
  5. The beauty of the leaves’ arrangement impressed everyone.
  6. The fragrance of the leaves’ filled the air.
  7. The photographer captured the leaves’ vibrant hues.
  8. The texture of the leaves’ was smooth and glossy.
  9. The sunlight filtered through the leaves’ gaps.
  10. The trees stood tall with their leaves’ shimmer.

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