Coral Plural, What is the plural of Coral?

Meaning: a hard stony substance secreted by certain marine coelenterates as an external skeleton.

Plural of CORAL

Singular Plural
Coral Corals


  • carrot
  • peach
  • apricot
  • cantaloupe

Coral as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The diver explored the vibrant colors of the coral
  2. The biologist studied the growth patterns of the coral.
  3. The documentary showcased the delicate ecosystem of the coral.
  4. The bleaching event threatened the health of the coral.
  5. The snorkeler admired the beauty of the underwater coral.
  6. The conservation efforts aimed to protect endangered coral
  7. The fish sought refuge among the branches of the coral.
  8. The artist drew inspiration from the intricate shapes of the coral.
  9. The warm water temperature is crucial for the survival of the coral.
  10. The scientist discovered a new species of coral in the ocean.

Coral as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The divers observed the diverse ecosystems formed by different corals.
  2. The researchers analyzed the DNA of various corals.
  3. The preservation efforts focused on protecting vulnerable corals.
  4. The documentary highlighted the threats facing global corals.
  5. The expedition documented the richness of marine life around the corals.
  6. The environmental organization raised awareness about endangered corals.
  7. The divers photographed the vibrant colors of the reef corals.
  8. The study investigated the impact of climate change on reef corals.
  9. The scientific research aimed to uncover the secrets of deep-sea corals.
  10. The restoration project aimed to rehabilitate damaged corals.

Singular Possessive of Coral

The singular possessive form of “Coral” is “Coral’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Coral:

  1. The coral’s vibrant colors attract many divers.
  2. The scientist studied the coral’s growth patterns.
  3. The conservationist worked to protect the coral’s habitat.
  4. The pollution affected the coral’s health and reproduction.
  5. The photographer captured the beauty of the coral’s formations.
  6. The scuba diver admired the diversity of the coral’s species.
  7. The marine biologist researched the coral’s symbiotic relationships.
  8. The tourist took a souvenir from the coral’s ecosystem.
  9. The coral reef’s survival depends on the coral’s resilience.
  10. The warm waters provided an ideal environment for the coral’s growth.

Plural Possessive of Coral

The plural possessive form of “Coral” is “Corals'”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Coral:

  1. The divers explored the corals’ colors and textures.
  2. The environmentalists campaigned for the protection of the corals’ ecosystems.
  3. The researchers studied the effects of climate change on the corals’ health.
  4. The conservationists monitored the corals’ bleaching events.
  5. The aquarium showcased a variety of corals’ shapes and sizes.
  6. The marine life thrived among the corals’ diverse communities.
  7. The tourists admired the vibrant hues of the corals’ reefs.
  8. The scientists documented the corals’ spawning behavior.
  9. The fishing industry impacted the corals’ populations.
  10. The divers’ gear should avoid damaging the fragile corals’ structures.

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