Explanation Plural, What is the plural of Explanation?

Meaning: a statement or account that makes something clear.

Singular and Plural of Explanation

Singular Plural
Explanation Explanations

Explanation as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The teacher provided a clear explanation of the math problem.
  2. The manual offered a step-by-step explanation of the process.
  3. The scientist presented a detailed explanation of the research findings.
  4. The lecture provided a comprehensive explanation of the theory.
  5. The parent gave a simplified explanation to the curious child.
  6. The expert offered an in-depth explanation of the phenomenon.
  7. The guidebook included an explanation of local customs and traditions.
  8. The coach gave an inspiring explanation of the game strategy.
  9. The professor’s explanation clarified the complex concept.
  10. The article offered a concise explanation of the historical event.

Explanation as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The textbook provided multiple explanations for better understanding.
  2. The students sought additional explanations to grasp the concept.
  3. The seminar included different speakers offering diverse explanations.
  4. The researchers presented alternative explanations for the phenomenon.
  5. The website offered video tutorials with visual explanations.
  6. The panel of experts provided varying explanations for the problem.
  7. The discussions allowed for collaborative explanations and insights.
  8. The workshop encouraged participants to ask questions and seek explanations.
  9. The encyclopedia contained concise and detailed explanations of various topics.
  10. The lecture series covered a range of complex explanations.

Singular Possessive of Explanation

The singular possessive form of “Explanation” is “Explanation’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Explanation:

  1. The clarity of Explanation’s details impressed me.
  2. Explanation’s relevance to the topic was evident.
  3. The professor’s lecture enhanced my understanding of Explanation’s nuances.
  4. I appreciate Explanation’s step-by-step approach.
  5. The report lacked Explanation’s necessary context.
  6. The diagram simplified Explanation’s complexity.
  7. Explanation’s simplicity makes it accessible to everyone.
  8. The expert’s insight clarified Explanation’s significance.
  9. The article provided an in-depth analysis of Explanation’s implications.
  10. I refer to Explanation’s guidelines for accurate results.

Plural Possessive of Explanation

The plural possessive form of “Explanation” is “Explanations'”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Explanation:

  1. The experts’ explanations’ varied in their approaches.
  2. Scientists presented different theories’ explanations’.
  3. The book explored cultural, historical, and scientific explanations’.
  4. Explanations’ impact on decision-making is crucial.
  5. The conference featured experts’ diverse explanations’.
  6. The project aimed to provide comprehensive explanations’.
  7. The researchers’ findings offered new insights into explanations’.
  8. We should consider multiple perspectives’ explanations’.
  9. Explanations’ complexity requires careful analysis.
  10. The course covered various disciplines’ explanations’.

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