Government Plural, What is the plural of Government?

Meaning: the authority to govern a country or state.

Singular and Plural of Government

Singular Plural
Government Governments

Government as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The government is responsible for national security.
  2. The government announced new policies to stimulate the economy.
  3. Government decisions affect the lives of citizens.
  4. The role of the government is to maintain law and order.
  5. The government provides essential services to the public.
  6. The government implemented measures to protect the environment.
  7. Citizens have a duty to obey the government.
  8. The government is accountable to the people.
  9. The government passed legislation to address social issues.
  10. The government collaborates with international organizations for global stability.

Government as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The governments of different countries have diverse policies.
  2. The role of governments is to serve their citizens.
  3. The relationship between neighboring governments can be complex.
  4. Governments around the world face challenges in healthcare.
  5. The decisions made by governments impact the global economy.
  6. Different governments have different approaches to taxation.
  7. Governments work together to address climate change.
  8. The stability of neighboring governments affects regional security.
  9. The policies of some governments prioritize education.
  10. International organizations collaborate with multiple governments.

Singular Possessive of Government

The singular possessive form of “Government” is “Government’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Government:

  1. We appealed to Government’s representatives for assistance.
  2. The economist analyzed Government’s fiscal policies.
  3. The journalist investigated Government’s corruption allegations.
  4. We followed Government’s guidelines for public safety.
  5. Government’s decisions impacted the economy.
  6. The protesters demanded transparency in Government’s actions.
  7. The president addressed Government’s achievements in the speech.
  8. Government’s reforms aimed to improve healthcare access.
  9. The citizens questioned Government’s accountability.
  10. We respected Government’s authority and laws.

Plural Possessive of Government

The plural possessive form of “Government” is “Governments'”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Government:

  1. The international conference discussed Governments’ cooperation on climate change.
  2. The leaders negotiated Governments’ trade agreements.
  3. The historians studied Governments’ policies throughout history.
  4. The citizens voiced their concerns to Governments’ representatives.
  5. The organizations monitored Governments’ human rights records.
  6. Governments’ decisions affected global relations.
  7. The diplomats worked towards Governments’ diplomatic resolutions.
  8. The economists analyzed Governments’ economic indicators.
  9. The committees evaluated Governments’ performance in various sectors.
  10. Governments’ regulations influenced market dynamics.

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