Lamp Plural, What is the plural of Lamp?

Meaning: a device for giving light, either one consisting of an electric bulb.

Plural of Lamp

Singular Plural
Lamp Lamps

Lamp as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. He turned on the bedside lamp to read a book.
  2. The antique lamp added a touch of elegance to the room.
  3. The desk lamp provided adequate lighting for studying.
  4. She adjusted the angle of the lamp to direct the light.
  5. The lamp flickered and then went out.
  6. The dimly lit room needed an additional lamp.
  7. The floor lamp illuminated the corner of the living room.
  8. The architect chose a modern and minimalist lamp
  9. The table lamp emitted a warm and cozy glow.
  10. The lightbulb in the lamp needed to be replaced.

Lamp as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The store offers a wide variety of stylish lamps.
  2. They bought matching bedside lamps for their bedroom.
  3. The designer created a collection of unique and artistic lamps.
  4. The interior decorator chose vintage lamps to complement the d├ęcor.
  5. The antique shop specializes in restoring and selling old lamps.
  6. They installed energy-efficient LED lamps throughout the house.
  7. The exhibition showcased different types of contemporary lamps.
  8. The hotel lobby featured an impressive display of crystal lamps.
  9. The museum displayed a range of historical and ornate lamps.
  10. The company manufactures high-quality outdoor lamps for gardens.

Singular Possessive of Lamp

The singular possessive form of “Lamp” is “Lamp’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Lamp:

  1. The lamp’s shade was made of glass.
  2. Please turn off the lamp’s switch.
  3. I admired the elegance of the lamp’s design.
  4. The light from the lamp’s bulb was dim.
  5. She reached for the lamp’s cord and pulled.
  6. The brightness of the lamp’s glow surprised me.
  7. The room was illuminated by the lamp’s soft light.
  8. I dusted the base of the lamp’s stand.
  9. The beauty of the lamp’s craftsmanship was evident.
  10. The heat from the lamp’s bulb warmed the room.

Plural Possessive of Lamp

The plural possessive form of “Lamp” is “Lamps'”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Lamp:

  1. The lamps’ shades were different colors.
  2. We replaced the lamps’ old bulbs.
  3. The brightness of the lamps’ glow filled the room.
  4. They adjusted the height of the lamps’ stands.
  5. The lamps’ cords got tangled together.
  6. The shades of the lamps’ design complemented each other.
  7. We admired the elegance of the lamps’ styles.
  8. The lamps’ switches were easy to reach.
  9. The lamps’ bases were made of ceramic.
  10. We turned on all the lamps’ lights for a brighter ambiance.

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