University Plural, What is the Plural of University?

Meaning: a place to study with a lot of learning

Plural of University

Singular Plural
university universities

University as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. She studied psychology at the local university.
  2. The professor taught chemistry at the prestigious university.
  3. The university campus was buzzing with students.
  4. The graduate student conducted research at the renowned university.
  5. The dean addressed the new students at the university
  6. The alumni donated generously to their alma mater, the university.
  7. The lecture hall was packed with eager university
  8. The university offered a wide range of academic programs.
  9. The professor received a grant to fund his research at the university.
  10. The university library had an extensive collection of books.

University as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. Many prestigious universities are located in the city.
  2. The students applied to multiple universities for their undergraduate studies.
  3. The rankings listed the top ten global universities.
  4. The professors collaborated on a research project across different universities.
  5. The scholarships helped students afford tuition at renowned universities.
  6. The students traveled abroad to study at foreign universities.
  7. The alumni network connected graduates from various universities.
  8. The conference attracted scholars from different universities.
  9. The funding supported collaborative efforts between multiple universities.
  10. The competition was fierce among aspiring students for admission to top universities.

Singular Possessive of University:

The singular possessive form of “University” is “University’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of University:

  1. The professor contributed to the University’s research initiatives.
  2. The alumni donated generously to support the University’s scholarships.
  3. The president emphasized the University’s commitment to excellence.
  4. The student admired the architecture of the University’s main building.
  5. The faculty member received recognition for their dedication to the University’s mission.
  6. The dean’s office oversaw the University’s administrative operations.
  7. The library showcased the University’s vast collection of books.
  8. The auditorium hosted various events to promote the University’s culture.
  9. The athlete represented the University’s sports team in national competitions.
  10. The scientist conducted groundbreaking research within the University’s laboratories.

Plural Possessive of University:

The plural possessive form of “University” is “Universities'”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of University:

  1. The rankings compared different Universities’ academic performance.
  2. The professors collaborated on research projects across multiple Universities’.
  3. The students visited various Universities’ campuses during their college tours.
  4. The funding supported scholarships for students across multiple Universities’.
  5. The conferences brought together scholars from different Universities’.
  6. The accreditation board evaluated the standards of multiple Universities’.
  7. The alumni associations organized events to connect graduates from different Universities’.
  8. The journal published articles from researchers at prestigious Universities’.
  9. The job fair welcomed recruiters from several Universities’.
  10. The education policy affected students at different Universities’.

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