Bougainvillea Plural, What is the plural of Bougainvillea?

Meaning of Bougainvillea is

an ornamental shrubby climbing plant that is widely cultivated in the tropics

Singular and Plural of Bougainvillea


Bougainvillea as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The vibrant bougainvillea adorned the garden with its colorful blooms.
  2. She planted a young bougainvillea near the fence.
  3. The sunlit patio was covered in cascading bougainvillea flowers.
  4. The scent of the blooming bougainvillea filled the air.
  5. She admired the delicate petals of the pink bougainvillea.
  6. The bougainvillea vine climbed up the trellis, adding beauty to the garden.
  7. The Mediterranean-style villa had a courtyard with a flourishing bougainvillea.
  8. The hummingbirds were attracted to the nectar of the red bougainvillea flowers.
  9. The artist painted a still life of a vase filled with bougainvillea.
  10. The thorny stems of the bougainvillea required careful pruning.

Bougainvillea as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The garden was filled with vibrant bougainvilleas of different colors.
  2. They planted several bougainvilleas along the fence for added privacy.
  3. The climbers covered the walls with cascades of pink and purple bougainvilleas.
  4. The landscaper recommended planting the bougainvilleas in a sunny location.
  5. The nursery offered a variety of potted bougainvilleas for sale.
  6. The hotel courtyard featured a breathtaking display of blooming bougainvilleas.
  7. They pruned the overgrown bougainvilleas to maintain their shape.
  8. The trellis was covered in a tapestry of colorful bougainvilleas.
  9. The bougainvilleas added a tropical flair to the outdoor patio.
  10. The gardeners watered the bougainvilleas regularly to keep them healthy.

Singular Possessive of Bougainvillea

The singular possessive form of “Bougainvillea” is “Bougainvillea’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Bougainvillea:

  1. The Bougainvillea’s vibrant colors brightened the garden.
  2. I admired the beauty of the Bougainvillea’s blossoms.
  3. The fragrance of the Bougainvillea’s flowers filled the air.
  4. We trimmed the Bougainvillea’s thorny branches carefully.
  5. The petals of the Bougainvillea’s blooms were delicate.
  6. Bougainvillea’s leaves provided shade in the scorching heat.
  7. The gardener watered the Bougainvillea’s roots regularly.
  8. We marveled at the growth of the Bougainvillea’s vines.
  9. The tendrils of the Bougainvillea’s branches curled around the trellis.
  10. The beauty of the Bougainvillea’s colors attracted butterflies.

Plural Possessive of Bougainvillea

The plural possessive form of “Bougainvillea” is “Bougainvilleas’.”

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Bougainvillea:

  1. The vividness of the Bougainvilleas’ flowers amazed us.
  2. We trimmed the thorns from the Bougainvilleas’ branches.
  3. The fragrance of the Bougainvilleas’ blooms wafted through the air.
  4. The colors of the Bougainvilleas’ petals were breathtaking.
  5. The gardener pruned the Bougainvilleas’ vines carefully.
  6. We marveled at the growth of the Bougainvilleas’ foliage.
  7. The leaves of the Bougainvilleas’ plants provided shade.
  8. The beauty of the Bougainvilleas’ blossoms attracted hummingbirds.
  9. The tendrils of the Bougainvilleas’ branches intertwined with each other.
  10. The charm of the Bougainvilleas’ vibrant hues enhanced the garden.

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