Trash Plural, What is the Plural of Trash?

Meaning: waste material; refuse.

Singular and Plural of Trash

Singular Plural
trash trashes


Trash as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The trash bin was overflowing with discarded papers.
  2. The environmentalist picked up the littered trash from the park.
  3. The city implemented recycling programs to reduce trash.
  4. The street cleaner collected the scattered trash along the sidewalks.
  5. The wind blew the empty soda can into the trash.
  6. The overflowing trash can attracted scavenging animals.
  7. The responsible citizen properly disposed of their trash.
  8. The janitor emptied the classroom’s waste bin filled with crumpled papers and other trash.
  9. The beach was littered with plastic bottles and other trash.
  10. The government initiated campaigns to raise awareness about the importance of proper trash

Trash as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The streets were filled with scattered trash bags on garbage collection day.
  2. The landfill was a vast expanse of piled-up trash.
  3. The recycling plant processed tons of recyclable trash
  4. The volunteers organized a cleanup to remove the accumulated trash.
  5. The community worked together to reduce the amount of generated trash.
  6. The incinerator burned the city’s trash to generate energy.
  7. The city council implemented fines for improper disposal of trash.
  8. The composting facility transformed organic trash into nutrient-rich soil.
  9. The environmentalists advocated for reducing single-use trash
  10. The recycling bins were labeled to encourage proper separation of different types of trash.

Singular Possessive of Trash

The singular possessive form of “Trash” is “Trash’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Trash:

  1. The janitor emptied Trash’s bin every day.
  2. The city implemented Trash’s recycling program.
  3. Trash’s odor attracted flies and pests.
  4. The cleaner disposed of Trash’s contents responsibly.
  5. The homeowner forgot to take out Trash’s bag.
  6. Trash’s accumulation can lead to unsanitary conditions.
  7. The environmentalist advocated for reducing Trash’s production.
  8. The dog rummaged through Trash’s leftovers.
  9. Trash’s disposal requires proper waste management.
  10. The municipality organized a Trash’s collection schedule.

Plural Possessive of Trash

The plural possessive form of “Trash” is “Trash’s”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Trash:

  1. The janitors emptied the office building’s Trash’s bins every day.
  2. The cities implemented various Trash’s recycling programs.
  3. Trash’s odors attracted flies and pests to multiple locations.
  4. The cleaners disposed of the residential areas’ Trash’s contents responsibly.
  5. The homeowners forgot to take out their respective Trash’s bags.
  6. Trash’s accumulations can lead to unsanitary conditions in neighborhoods.
  7. The environmentalists advocated for reducing communities’ Trash’s production.
  8. The dogs rummaged through the park’s Trash’s leftovers.
  9. Trash’s disposal requires collaboration in waste management across towns.
  10. The municipalities organized Trash’s collection schedules for different districts.

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