Bag Plural, What is the plural of Bag?

Meaning of Bag

The meaning of BAG is: a flexible container with an opening at the top, used for carrying things.

Singular and Plural of Bag

The plural of Bag is bags.

Singular Plural
Bag Bags

Bag as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The traveler carried a backpack as their bag.
  2. The fashion designer created a stylish leather bag.
  3. The grocery store provides reusable shopping bags.
  4. The handbag contained all the essential items in a compact bag.
  5. The hiker carried a lightweight bag for their day trip.
  6. The article highlighted the importance of packing essentials in an emergency bag.
  7. The suitcase had a broken bag handle, making it difficult to carry.
  8. The tote bag is spacious and versatile for everyday use.
  9. The courier delivered the package in a secure and tamper-proof bag.
  10. The duffel bag was packed with sports gear for the weekend tournament.

Bag as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The travelers loaded their belongings onto the airport trolleys, securing the bags.
  2. The shop displayed a wide variety of designer bags.
  3. The delivery service transported numerous packages and bags.
  4. The hikers carried their camping gear in large backpacking bags.
  5. The shopping spree resulted in multiple filled shopping bags.
  6. The passengers retrieved their checked-in bags from the luggage carousel.
  7. The store offered discounts on clearance items, including hand bags.
  8. The fashion show featured models showcasing the latest collection of luxury bags.
  9. The charity organization distributed care packages and hygiene bags to the homeless.
  10. The travelers waited anxiously for their delayed bags to arrive on the conveyor belt.

Singular Possessive of Bag 

The singular possessive form of “Bag” is “Bag’s”. 

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Bag:

  1. Bag’s color is brown.
  2. I found Bag’s contents scattered on the floor.
  3. Please return Bag’s lost items to the owner.
  4. Bag’s handle is made of leather.
  5. I admire Bag’s elegant design.
  6. The weight of Bag’s strap feels comfortable.
  7. Bag’s zipper is broken and needs repair.
  8. She borrowed Bag’s shoulder strap for her backpack.
  9. Bag’s interior has multiple compartments.
  10. The price tag is still attached to Bag’s side pocket.

Plural Possessive of Bag 

The plural possessive form of “Bag” is “Bags'”. 

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Bag:

  1. Bags’ colors vary from black to vibrant shades.
  2. We packed all our essentials in Bags’ compartments.
  3. Bags’ straps are adjustable for a perfect fit.
  4. Please check if all Bags’ zippers are closed.
  5. Bags’ sizes range from small to extra-large.
  6. Bags’ lining is made of a durable material.
  7. Bags’ handles are reinforced for added strength.
  8. They accidentally switched Bags’ belongings.
  9. Bags’ prices are displayed on the shelf.
  10. The security guard is responsible for watching over Bags’ safety.

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