Igloo Plural, What is the plural of Igloo?

Meaning: a type of dome-shaped shelter built from blocks of solid snow.

Plural of Igloo

Singular Plural
Igloo Igloo

Igloo as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The igloo provided shelter in the frozen wasteland.
  2. A lone traveler sought refuge in an igloo.
  3. The Arctic explorer built an igloo for survival.
  4. The Eskimo family lived in an igloo during winter.
  5. The hunter found tracks near the abandoned igloo.
  6. The Inuit artist carved an igloo out of ice.
  7. The snowstorm buried the small igloo
  8. The children played hide-and-seek in the snowy igloo.
  9. The dog slept peacefully beside the cozy igloo.
  10. The tourists marveled at the traditional igloo

Igloo as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The group of explorers discovered several igloos in the Arctic.
  2. The native villagers resided in clustered igloos.
  3. The researchers studied the structural integrity of the igloos.
  4. The satellite images revealed a vast field of igloos.
  5. The archaeologists excavated ancient igloos for study.
  6. The blizzard destroyed the fragile igloos in minutes.
  7. The Inuit people constructed new igloos every winter.
  8. The snow-covered landscape was dotted with white igloos.
  9. The guide led the tourists through the village of traditional igloos.
  10. The residents of the remote village gathered in the communal igloos.

Singular Possessive of Igloo

The singular possessive form of “Igloo” is “Igloo’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Igloo:

  1. The igloo’s entrance was covered in snow.
  2. I admired the igloo’s intricate ice sculptures.
  3. The polar bear rested near the igloo’s wall.
  4. We found shelter in the igloo’s cozy interior.
  5. The igloo’s roof glistened in the sunlight.
  6. The Eskimo guided us to the igloo’s entrance.
  7. The children built a small igloo’s replica.
  8. The explorer studied the igloo’s construction technique.
  9. I could see my breath inside the igloo’s warmth.
  10. The Eskimo artist carved a beautiful design on the igloo’s wall.

Plural Possessive of Igloo

The plural possessive form of “Igloo” is “Igloos'”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Igloo:

  1. The hunters stored their supplies in the igloos’ storage area.
  2. The Inuit community maintained the igloos’ structural integrity.
  3. The expedition team admired the vastness of the igloos’ village.
  4. We found traces of animal footprints near the igloos’ perimeter.
  5. The children played games in the igloos’ central gathering space.
  6. The tourists marveled at the intricacy of the igloos’ ice carvings.
  7. The inhabitants celebrated the festival inside the igloos’ interior.
  8. The explorers documented the igloos’ various architectural styles.
  9. We could hear laughter coming from the igloos’ communal area.
  10. The researchers studied the igloos’ thermal insulation properties.

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