Walrus Plural, What is the Plural of Walrus?

Meaning: a large gregarious marine mammal

Plural of Walrus

Singular Plural
walrus walruses

Walrus as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The walrus basked on the ice floe.
  2. I saw a massive walrus at the zoo.
  3. The lonely walrus swam in the Arctic waters.
  4. The sight of the majestic walrus left me in awe.
  5. The walrus gracefully dived into the ocean.
  6. The researcher studied the behavior of the walrus.
  7. The young walrus played with a piece of seaweed.
  8. The Inuit people revere the mighty walrus.
  9. The conservationist fought to protect the endangered walrus.
  10. The documentary showcased the life cycle of the walrus.

Walrus as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. We spotted a group of walruses resting on the rocks.
  2. The researchers observed the migration patterns of walruses.
  3. The walruses gathered in large numbers on the beach.
  4. The Inuit hunters relied on the walruses for survival.
  5. The majestic sight of the swimming walruses was breathtaking.
  6. The documentary highlighted the threats faced by walruses.
  7. The population of walruses has been declining in recent years.
  8. The conservation efforts aimed to protect the habitats of walruses.
  9. The tourists marveled at the size of the adult walruses.
  10. The walruses used their tusks to break through the ice.

Singular Possessive of Walrus

The singular possessive form of “Walrus” is “Walrus’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Walrus:

  1. The walrus’s tusks were long and impressive.
  2. The marine biologist studied the walrus’s behavior in detail.
  3. The walrus’s habitat is in the Arctic region.
  4. The zookeeper fed the walrus’s favorite fish.
  5. I admired the unique markings on the walrus’s skin.
  6. The researcher documented the walrus’s migration patterns.
  7. The walrus’s roars echoed throughout the enclosure.
  8. The walrus’s weight was carefully monitored by the veterinarian.
  9. The photographer captured a stunning image of the walrus’s dive.
  10. The walrus’s presence attracted a crowd of onlookers.

Plural Possessive of Walrus

The plural possessive form of “Walrus” is “Walruses'”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Walrus:

  1. The walruses’ tusks were intimidating to behold.
  2. The marine biologists studied the walruses’ behaviors in detail.
  3. The walruses’ habitats are scattered across the Arctic region.
  4. The zookeeper fed the walruses’ favorite fish varieties.
  5. I admired the unique markings on the walruses’ skins.
  6. The researchers documented the walruses’ migration routes.
  7. The walruses’ roars could be heard from a distance.
  8. The walruses’ weights were carefully recorded by the veterinarians.
  9. The photographers captured stunning images of the walruses’ dives.
  10. The walruses’ presence in the exhibit delighted visitors.

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