Jetty Plural, What is the plural of Jetty?

Meaning: a landing stage or small pier at which boats can dock or be moored.

Plural of Jetty


Jetty as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. We sat on the jetty and enjoyed the sunset.
  2. The fisherman cast his line from the end of the jetty.
  3. The children played and skipped rocks near the jetty.
  4. The waves crashed against the jetty during the storm.
  5. The photographer captured a stunning image of the jetty.
  6. The couple walked hand in hand along the wooden jetty.
  7. The boat docked at the end of the jetty.
  8. The tourists gathered at the jetty for a boat tour.
  9. The seagulls perched on the jetty and watched the fishermen.
  10. The locals enjoyed fishing from the jetty.

Jetty as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The construction company built multiple jetties along the coastline.
  2. The jetties provided a safe harbor for the boats.
  3. The tourists explored the different jetties in the area.
  4. The fishermen anchored their boats near the jetties.
  5. The storm damaged several jetties along the shore.
  6. The city council decided to renovate the old jetties.
  7. The beachgoers walked along the sandy path between the jetties.
  8. The divers used the jetties as a starting point for their underwater explorations.
  9. The tourists admired the sunset from the end of the jetties.
  10. The city invested in maintaining the jetties for tourism purposes.

Singular Possessive of Jetty

The singular possessive form of “Jetty” is “Jetty’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Jetty:

  1. The boat is moored at Jetty’s dock.
  2. The storm damaged Jetty’s structure.
  3. The fishermen gather at Jetty’s end.
  4. The waves crashed against Jetty’s rocks.
  5. The seagulls perch on Jetty’s posts.
  6. The tourists enjoy walking along Jetty’s promenade.
  7. Jetty’s lights illuminate the waterfront at night.
  8. The locals gather for events at Jetty’s plaza.
  9. The restaurant overlooks Jetty’s harbor.
  10. The sailors docked their boat at Jetty’s marina.

Plural Possessive of Jetty

The plural possessive form of “Jetty” is “Jetties'”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Jetty:

  1. The storm caused damage to several jetties’ structures.
  2. The beachgoers gathered at the different jetties’ entrances.
  3. The city invested in the maintenance of the jetties’ infrastructure.
  4. The sailors navigated between the jetties’ channels.
  5. The seashells washed up on the various jetties’ shores.
  6. The fishermen cast their lines from the jetties’ edges.
  7. The birds nested near the jetties’ rocky areas.
  8. The lighthouse guided ships near the jetties’ entrances.
  9. The locals enjoyed strolling along the different jetties’ promenades.
  10. The city council announced improvements to the jetties’ facilities.

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