Illness Plural, What is the plural of Illness?

Meaning: a disease or period of sickness affecting the body or mind.

Plural of Illness


Illness as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The persistent illness weakened her immune system.
  2. He was diagnosed with a severe illness last week.
  3. The doctor prescribed medication to treat the illness.
  4. The symptoms of the mysterious illness baffled the medical experts.
  5. She experienced fatigue and dizziness due to the illness.
  6. The illness prevented him from attending the event.
  7. The hospital treated many patients with the same illness.
  8. The young child was hospitalized for an unknown illness.
  9. The student missed several days of school due to illness.
  10. The doctor recommended rest and fluids to overcome the illness.

Illness as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. Outbreaks of infectious illnesses can spread rapidly.
  2. The clinic specializes in treating various respiratory illnesses.
  3. The community raised awareness about mental health illnesses.
  4. The statistics revealed an increase in reported illnesses.
  5. The government implemented measures to prevent widespread illnesses.
  6. The medical professionals worked tirelessly to combat the contagious illnesses.
  7. The organization focused on research and treatment for rare illnesses.
  8. The public health campaign aimed to reduce preventable illnesses.
  9. The news highlighted the rising number of chronic illnesses.
  10. The doctor provided a detailed explanation of the common illnesses.

Singular Possessive of Illness

The singular possessive form of “Illness” is “Illness’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Illness:

  1. The severity of the illness’s symptoms worried the doctor.
  2. The patient’s recovery depended on the illness’s progression.
  3. The doctor explained the causes of the illness’s outbreak.
  4. The nurse monitored the illness’s impact on the patient.
  5. The scientist studied the illness’s genetic factors.
  6. The research focused on understanding the illness’s long-term effects.
  7. The psychologist explored the illness’s psychological implications.
  8. The medication aimed to alleviate the illness’s symptoms.
  9. The caregiver supported the patient through the illness’s challenges.
  10. The community raised awareness about the illness’s prevention methods.

Plural Possessive of Illness

The plural possessive form of “Illness” is “Illnesses'”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Illness:

  1. The doctors researched the various illnesses’ causes.
  2. The nurses attended to multiple patients’ illnesses’ needs.
  3. The study focused on understanding different illnesses’ prevalence.
  4. The researchers analyzed the patterns of the illnesses’ symptoms.
  5. The hospitals implemented strategies to control the illnesses’ spread.
  6. The health workers developed guidelines for managing different illnesses’ treatments.
  7. The scientists studied the mutations of various illnesses’ viruses.
  8. The patients shared their experiences with different illnesses’ challenges.
  9. The organizations raised funds for researching rare illnesses’ cures.
  10. The community supported individuals affected by different illnesses’ impact.

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