Pike Plural, What is the Plural of Pike?

Meaning: a long-bodied predatory freshwater

Singular and Plural of Pike

Singular Plural
pike pikes

Pike as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. He caught a large pike while fishing in the lake.
  2. She admired the sharp teeth of the fierce pike.
  3. The angler used a special lure to attract the pike.
  4. He cleaned and prepared the freshly caught pike for cooking.
  5. The fisherman cast his line, hoping to catch a trophy pike.
  6. She released the small pike back into the water.
  7. The fish jumped out of the water and snatched the pike.
  8. He took a photograph of the impressive size of the pike.
  9. The wildlife enthusiast studied the habitat of the freshwater pike.
  10. The fishing competition awarded a prize to the angler who caught the biggest pike.

Pike as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. They caught several large and feisty pikes during the fishing trip.
  2. The lake was known for its abundance of trophy pikes.
  3. She cooked a delicious meal using fresh pikes.
  4. The fishing tournament required participants to measure and release their caught pikes.
  5. They displayed their collection of mounted pikes on the wall.
  6. The anglers shared stories of their encounters with aggressive pikes.
  7. He cleaned and filleted the caught pikes for the family dinner.
  8. She enjoyed the firm and flavorful meat of the grilled pikes.
  9. The fishing guide provided tips and techniques for successfully catching pikes.
  10. The wildlife documentary featured underwater footage of hunting pikes.

Singular Possessive of Pike

The singular possessive form of “Pike” is “Pike’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Pike:

  1. The Pike’s scales shimmered under the sunlight.
  2. The fisherman marveled at the Pike’s size.
  3. We admired the elegance of the Pike’s movement.
  4. The chef filleted the Pike’s flesh skillfully.
  5. The angler released the Pike’s catch back into the water.
  6. The lake was known for its large Pike’s population.
  7. The fisherman measured the Pike’s length with a ruler.
  8. The photo captured the beauty of the Pike’s colors.
  9. We observed the Pike’s sharp teeth while cleaning it.
  10. The fisherman cooked the Pike’s meat over an open fire.

Plural Possessive of Pike

The plural possessive form of “Pike” is “Pikes'”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Pike:

  1. The anglers competed to catch the most Pikes’.
  2. We marveled at the Pikes’ agility in the water.
  3. The fishing tournament focused on the Pikes’ size.
  4. The fishermen admired the Pikes’ strength.
  5. The chef prepared a dish using multiple Pikes’ fillets.
  6. The lake was renowned for its abundance of Pikes’.
  7. We captured the moment the Pikes’ leaped out of the water.
  8. The fishing gear was specifically designed for Pikes’.
  9. The anglers released the Pikes’ back into the lake.
  10. The fishermen shared stories about their encounters with Pikes’.

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