Graffito Plural, What is the plural of Graffito?

Meaning: an inscription or drawing made on some public surface.

Singular and Plural of Graffito

Singular Plural
Graffito Graffito

Graffito as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The graffito on the wall depicted a dragon.
  2. I spotted a beautiful graffito while walking downtown.
  3. The artist created an intricate graffito using vibrant colors.
  4. The museum displayed a historic graffito from ancient Rome.
  5. I couldn’t decipher the meaning behind the mysterious graffito.
  6. The police investigated the offensive graffito sprayed on the building.
  7. The curator carefully preserved the delicate graffito found in the ruins.
  8. The archaeologist studied the ancient graffito for clues about the civilization.
  9. I admired the skill and precision of the artist who made the graffito.
  10. The graffiti artist considered each graffito a form of self-expression.

Graffito as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The city authorities cleaned the graffiti from the walls.
  2. The building was covered in colorful graffiti from top to bottom.
  3. The local artists transformed the neighborhood with their creative graffiti.
  4. We admired the vibrant and thought-provoking graffiti in the alleyway.
  5. The authorities struggled to remove the illegal graffiti from public property.
  6. The museum hosted an exhibition showcasing various forms of urban graffiti.
  7. The train cars were adorned with tags and graffiti from the local artists.
  8. The community organized a street art festival celebrating urban graffiti.
  9. Some people see graffiti as a form of art, while others consider it vandalism.
  10. The city commissioned talented artists to create legal and eye-catching graffiti.

Singular Possessive of Graffito

The singular possessive form of “Graffito” is “Graffito’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Graffito:

  1. The art collector admired Graffito’s style and technique.
  2. The historian studied the historical significance of Graffito’s markings.
  3. Graffito’s message conveyed a powerful statement.
  4. The curator displayed Graffito’s artwork in the gallery.
  5. The archaeologist documented Graffito’s presence on the ancient wall.
  6. Graffito’s colors and patterns caught the viewer’s attention.
  7. The photographer captured Graffito’s vibrant visuals.
  8. The urban planner analyzed Graffito’s impact on the cityscape.
  9. Graffito’s authenticity sparked debates among art experts.
  10. The preservationist protected Graffito’s historical context.

Plural Possessive of Graffito

The plural possessive form of “Graffito” is “Graffiti’s”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Graffito:

  1. The art collectors admired the Graffiti’s styles and techniques.
  2. The historians studied the historical significances of various Graffiti’s markings.
  3. Graffiti’s messages conveyed powerful statements in urban environments.
  4. The curators displayed the Graffiti’s artworks in the gallery exhibition.
  5. The archaeologists documented the Graffiti’s presence on the ancient walls.
  6. Graffiti’s colors and patterns caught the viewers’ attention on the city streets.
  7. The photographers captured the vibrancy of Graffiti’s visuals in their shots.
  8. The urban planners analyzed the impact of Graffiti’s on the cityscape and public spaces.
  9. Graffiti’s authenticity sparked debates among art experts and authorities.
  10. The preservationists protected the historical contexts of various Graffiti’s.

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