Ignoramus Plural, What is the plural of Ignoramus?

Meaning: an ignorant or stupid person.

Plural of Ignoramus

Singular Plural
Ignoramus Ignoramuses

Ignoramus as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. He is a self-proclaimed ignoramus when it comes to technology.
  2. The teacher called him an ignoramus for not knowing the answer.
  3. She dismissed his opinion, labeling him an ignoramus.
  4. The boss berated the ignoramus for not following instructions.
  5. He acted like an ignoramus during the meeting, disrupting the discussion.
  6. The expert patiently explained the concept to the ignoramus.
  7. The supervisor reprimanded the ignoramus for the mistake.
  8. She was tired of dealing with ignoramuses who refused to listen.
  9. The politician’s comments revealed him as an ignoramus.
  10. The professor didn’t tolerate ignoramuses in his classroom.

Ignoramus as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The conference was full of ignoramuses who didn’t understand the subject.
  2. The online forum was filled with arguments between self-proclaimed ignoramuses.
  3. They were dismissed as ignoramuses for their lack of knowledge.
  4. The panel discussion turned into a heated debate among intellectual ignoramuses.
  5. The group was frustrated by the ignoramuses spreading misinformation.
  6. The seminar aimed to educate the ignoramuses about the importance of climate change.
  7. The project encountered challenges due to the ignoramuses on the team.
  8. The social media platform was flooded with comments from ignoramuses.
  9. The campaign aimed to debunk myths and educate ignoramuses about vaccines.
  10. The organization organized workshops to address common misconceptions among ignoramuses.

Singular Possessive of Ignoramus

The singular possessive form of “Ignoramus” is “Ignoramus’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Ignoramus:

  1. The teacher emphasized the ignoramus’s lack of knowledge.
  2. The lawyer exposed the witness’s ignoramus’s incompetence.
  3. The expert criticized the author’s ignoramus’s misconceptions.
  4. The mentor guided the ignoramus’s learning process.
  5. The comedian mocked the politician’s ignoramus’s foolish statements.
  6. The professor addressed the student’s ignoramus’s misconceptions.
  7. The journalist exposed the public figure’s ignoramus’s ignorance.
  8. The lecturer challenged the audience’s ignoramus’s preconceptions.
  9. The counselor helped the client overcome their ignoramus’s barriers.
  10. The leader educated the team on the ignoramus’s importance of continuous learning.

Plural Possessive of Ignoramus

The plural possessive form of “Ignoramus” is “Ignoramuses'”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Ignoramus:

  1. The teachers emphasized the ignoramuses’ lack of knowledge.
  2. The lawyers exposed the witnesses’ ignoramuses’ incompetence.
  3. The experts criticized the authors’ ignoramuses’ misconceptions.
  4. The mentors guided the ignoramuses’ learning processes.
  5. The comedians mocked the politicians’ ignoramuses’ foolish statements.
  6. The professors addressed the students’ ignoramuses’ misconceptions.
  7. The journalists exposed the public figures’ ignoramuses’ ignorance.
  8. The lecturers challenged the audiences’ ignoramuses’ preconceptions.
  9. The counselors helped the clients overcome their ignoramuses’ barriers.
  10. The leaders educated the teams on the ignoramuses’ importance of continuous learning.

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