Blouse Plural, What is the plural of Blouse?

Meaning of Blouse is

a woman’s upper garment resembling a shirt, typically with a collar, buttons, and sleeves.

Singular and Plural of Blouse


Blouse as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. She wore a stylish blouse with her jeans.
  2. The silk blouse felt smooth against her skin.
  3. The elegant blouse had delicate lace details.
  4. She bought a new blouse for the party.
  5. The colorful blouse added vibrancy to her outfit.
  6. Her white blouse perfectly complemented her skirt.
  7. The floral-patterned blouse was in fashion.
  8. She buttoned up her favorite blouse and left the house.
  9. The loose-fitting blouse provided comfort on a hot day.
  10. She paired her denim shorts with a casual blouse.

Blouse as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. She owned several beautiful blouses in her wardrobe.
  2. The shop displayed a variety of fashionable blouses.
  3. She bought three new blouses during the sale.
  4. The colorful floral blouses caught her attention.
  5. The designer collection featured stylish blouses.
  6. She donated her old blouses to a charity.
  7. The elegant silk blouses were on display.
  8. She wore her favorite blouses for special occasions.
  9. The store had a wide selection of trendy blouses.
  10. She took out her summer blouses from storage.

Singular Possessive of Blouse 

The singular possessive form of “Blouse” is “Blouse’s”. 

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Blouse:

  1. I admired the design of the blouse’s neckline.
  2. The stain on the blouse’s fabric was difficult to remove.
  3. She accessorized the blouse’s sleeves with delicate lace.
  4. The color of the blouse’s buttons complemented the fabric.
  5. The quality of the blouse’s stitching was impeccable.
  6. I borrowed my sister’s blouse’s for the party.
  7. The salesperson recommended pairing the blouse’s with a skirt.
  8. The price tag on the blouse’s surprised me.
  9. The texture of the blouse’s material was soft and smooth.
  10. The tailor adjusted the fit of the blouse’s to my measurements.

Plural Possessive of Blouse 

The plural possessive form of “Blouse” is “Blouses'”. 

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Blouse:

  1. The shop displayed a wide range of stylish blouses’.
  2. The fashion designer showcased her latest collection of blouses’.
  3. The blouses’ patterns varied from floral to geometric.
  4. I hung the blouses’ neatly in the wardrobe.
  5. The store offered discounts on the blouses’ prices.
  6. The models walked the runway wearing the latest blouses’.
  7. The department store organized a sale on all blouses’.
  8. The fashion magazine featured an article on trendy blouses’.
  9. The seamstress meticulously sewed the blouses’ buttons.
  10. The blouses’ fabric choices ranged from silk to cotton.

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