Cereal Plural, What is the Plural of Cereal?

Meaning: a grain used for food, for example wheat, maize, or rye.

Plural of CEREAL

Singular Plural
Cereal Cereals

Synonyms of CEREAL

  • bran
  • corn
  • grain
  • rice
  • wheat

Cereal as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. I had a bowl of cereal for breakfast.
  2. The box of cereal was almost empty.
  3. The child poured milk over the cereal.
  4. The store offers a wide selection of cereal.
  5. Can you pass me the cereal box, please?
  6. The dietitian recommended a whole grain cereal.
  7. The breakfast menu included hot cereal
  8. The brand promotes healthy eating with their organic cereal.
  9. The kid refused to eat his cereal without sugar.
  10. The supermarket sells different flavors of cereal.

Cereal as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The supermarket had a sale on different types of cereals.
  2. The children love to mix different cereals
  3. The family stocked up on their favorite cereals.
  4. The breakfast aisle is filled with various brands of cereals.
  5. The shelves were full of colorful boxes of cereals.
  6. The kids couldn’t decide which cereals to choose.
  7. The store offers a variety of healthy cereals.
  8. The cereal aisle has a wide range of gluten-free cereals.
  9. The nutritionist recommended avoiding sugary cereals.
  10. The cereal boxes displayed enticing images of the cereals.

Singular Possessive of Cereal

The singular possessive form of “Cereal” is “Cereal’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Cereal

  1. The Cereal’s packaging caught my attention.
  2. Please pour the milk into Cereal’s bowl.
  3. The nutrition facts are on Cereal’s box.
  4. I love the taste of Cereal’s flakes.
  5. Cereal’s popularity has increased recently.
  6. The kids enjoy Cereal’s colorful packaging.
  7. Cereal’s ingredients are carefully selected.
  8. The advertisement highlighted Cereal’s benefits.
  9. Cereal’s brand loyalty is impressive.
  10. Cereal’s price varies across different stores.

Plural Possessive of Cereal

The plural possessive form of “Cereal” is “Cereals'”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Cereal

  1. The variety of Cereals’ flavors is extensive.
  2. We need to restock the Cereals’ shelves.
  3. The supermarket offers discounts on Cereals’ boxes.
  4. The kids prefer the Cereals’ mascots.
  5. Cereals’ nutritional value is often debated.
  6. The company promotes the benefits of Cereals’ consumption.
  7. Cereals’ packaging designs attract customers.
  8. The market research analyzed Cereals’ sales data.
  9. We should focus on improving Cereals’ quality.
  10. Cereals’ marketing campaigns reach a wide audience.

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