Hearse Plural, What is the plural of Hearse?

Meaning: a vehicle for conveying the coffin at a funeral.

Plural of Hearse

Singular Plural
Hearse Hearses

Hearse as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The mourners followed the hearse in solemn silence.
  2. The flowers were placed on top of the black hearse.
  3. They watched as the hearse slowly drove away, carrying their loved one.
  4. The funeral procession was led by a sleek, polished hearse.
  5. The driver carefully maneuvered the hearse through the narrow streets.
  6. The pallbearers solemnly lifted the casket into the back of the hearse.
  7. The funeral director drove the hearse with utmost professionalism.
  8. The family gathered around the hearse, bidding their final farewell.
  9. The procession moved slowly, following the hearse to the cemetery.
  10. The mourners stood in silence as the hearse passed by.

Hearse as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The funeral home owned a fleet of black hearses.
  2. They rented multiple hearses to accommodate the large funeral.
  3. The funeral procession included several elegant hearses.
  4. The cemetery had a designated area for parking the hearses.
  5. The funeral director coordinated the arrival of the different hearses.
  6. The pallbearers loaded the caskets onto the waiting hearses.
  7. The mourners walked behind the line of black hearses.
  8. The drivers of the hearses wore matching uniforms.
  9. The car procession stretched for miles, consisting of numerous hearses.
  10. The families gathered around their respective hearses, sharing their grief.

Singular Possessive of Hearse

The singular possessive form of “Hearse” is “Hearse’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Hearse:

  1. I saw the flowers on Hearse’s roof.
  2. Hearse’s windows were tinted black.
  3. The driver steered Hearse’s solemn journey.
  4. I followed Hearse’s slow procession.
  5. Hearse’s headlights pierced through the darkness.
  6. The funeral director prepared Hearse’s interior.
  7. I glimpsed Hearse’s license plate.
  8. Hearse’s tires rolled silently on the road.
  9. I observed Hearse’s mournful passengers.
  10. Hearse’s presence brought a sense of solemnity.

Plural Possessive of Hearse

The plural possessive form of “Hearse” is “Hearses'”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Hearse:

  1. The funeral home had multiple hearses’.
  2. I watched the line of hearses’ at the cemetery.
  3. The pallbearers carried the caskets to the hearses’.
  4. I saw the drivers of the hearses’ wearing black.
  5. The procession consisted of several hearses’.
  6. I observed the flowers adorning the hearses’.
  7. The cemetery prepared the parking area for the hearses’.
  8. I noticed the somber atmosphere surrounding the hearses’.
  9. The family members gathered near the hearses’.
  10. I followed the line of hearses’ with a heavy heart.

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