Orifice Plural, What is the Plural of Orifice?

Meaning: a small hole

Plural of Orifice

Singular Plural
orifice orifices

Orifice as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The doctor examined the patient’s nasal orifice.
  2. The digestive system consists of several orifices.
  3. The tiny orifice released a burst of air when pressed.
  4. The dentist examined the patient’s oral orifice.
  5. The researcher studied the function of the ear orifice.
  6. The protective covering sealed the orifice to prevent contamination.
  7. The water flowed through the narrow orifice of the faucet.
  8. The surgeon made a small incision near the orifice.
  9. The insect entered the tree through a small orifice.
  10. The scientist observed the behavior of the respiratory orifice.

Orifice as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The valves controlled the flow of liquids through the different orifices.
  2. The mechanism had multiple openings and orifices for various functions.
  3. The ventilation system had small orifices to allow air circulation.
  4. The medical device was inserted into one of the body’s orifices.
  5. The cleaning solution was sprayed through the orifices to remove dirt.
  6. The sculpture had intricate patterns of interconnected orifices.
  7. The artist created a piece that explored the concept of hidden orifices.
  8. The engineers designed a system with adjustable orifices for optimal control.
  9. The plumbing system had a leak in one of the pipe orifices.
  10. The design of the musical instrument included multiple orifices for producing different tones.

Singular Possessive of Orifice

The singular possessive form of “Orifice” is “Orifice’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Orifice:

  1. The function of the ear Orifice’s is to transmit sound.
  2. We examined the structure of the mouth Orifice’s.
  3. Orifice’s role in the digestive system is essential.
  4. The size of the nostril Orifice’s affects breathing.
  5. The protection of the eye Orifice’s is vital.
  6. Orifice’s shape determines its specific purpose.
  7. We learned about the functions of various Orifice’s in the body.
  8. Orifice’s location influences its functionality.
  9. The cleanliness of the nasal Orifice’s is important for health.
  10. We studied the development of different Orifice’s during embryogenesis.

Plural Possessive of Orifice

The plural possessive form of “Orifice” is “Orifices'”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Orifice:

  1. The roles of different Orifices’ in the body are interconnected.
  2. We examined the functions of multiple Orifices’ simultaneously.
  3. Orifices’ sizes vary depending on their purpose.
  4. The health of these Orifices’ is crucial for overall well-being.
  5. The cleanliness of various Orifices’ impacts hygiene.
  6. Orifices’ structures differ based on their location.
  7. We studied the anatomy of different Orifices’ in detail.
  8. Orifices’ proper functioning ensures physiological processes.
  9. The sensitivities of several Orifices’ are unique.
  10. We observed the adaptability of various Orifices’ in different species.

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