Uncle Plural, What is the Plural of Uncle?

Meaning: the brother of one’s father

Plural of Uncle

Singular Plural
uncle uncles

Uncle as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. My uncle gave me a thoughtful birthday gift.
  2. He visited his favorite uncle during summer vacation.
  3. The children adored their kind and funny uncle.
  4. My uncle taught me how to ride a bicycle.
  5. He listened attentively to his wise uncle’s
  6. The whole family gathered at their uncle’s house for Christmas.
  7. My uncle always tells the best stories at family gatherings.
  8. He inherited his artistic talent from his talented uncle.
  9. The children ran excitedly to greet their beloved uncle.
  10. We celebrated our uncle’s retirement with a surprise party.

Uncle as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. My uncles always bring me presents on my birthday.
  2. The family reunion was filled with laughter and uncles.
  3. I have five uncles who live in different cities.
  4. The uncles gathered around the table for a game of cards.
  5. We went on a fishing trip with my uncles last summer.
  6. The uncles shared stories from their childhood during the party.
  7. All my uncles attended my graduation ceremony.
  8. The uncles helped each other fix the broken fence.
  9. My uncles are known for their great sense of humor.
  10. The uncles organized a surprise party for their nephew.

Singular Possessive of Uncle

The singular possessive form of “Uncle” is “Uncle’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Uncle:

  1. I admired Uncle’s wisdom and guidance.
  2. Uncle’s laughter filled the room.
  3. The family celebrated Uncle’s achievements.
  4. I listened to Uncle’s stories from the past.
  5. Uncle’s advice was invaluable to me.
  6. The photograph captured Uncle’s smiling face.
  7. I cherished the memories with Uncle’s presence.
  8. Uncle’s support meant the world to me.
  9. I sought comfort in Uncle’s comforting words.
  10. Uncle’s love and care were unconditional.

Plural Possessive of Uncle

The plural possessive form of “Uncle” is “Uncles'”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Uncle:

  1. The family reunion brought together the uncles’.
  2. I saw the group of uncles’ sharing stories.
  3. The cousins gathered around the uncles’ for advice.
  4. I received gifts from all the uncles’.
  5. The family respected the uncles’ collective wisdom.
  6. I spent summers with my uncles’ at the cabin.
  7. The siblings inherited their uncles’ traits.
  8. I looked up to the older uncles’ as role models.
  9. The family portrait captured all the uncles’ smiles.
  10. I shared my dreams and aspirations with the uncles’.

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