Un Plural, What is the Plural of Un?

Meaning: it is slang, means one.

Plural of Un

Singular Plural
un uns

Un as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The professor explained the concept in a single un.
  2. She counted to three and said, “Ready, un, go!”
  3. The audience erupted in applause after the magician’s final un.
  4. He won the race by a mere un.
  5. The judge declared the defendant guilty in a unanimous un.
  6. The gymnast performed a flawless routine, earning a perfect un.
  7. The musician played a haunting melody with a single un.
  8. The coach blew the whistle to signal the start of the game, saying, “Un, two, three!”
  9. The team celebrated their victory with a loud, triumphant un.
  10. She solved the puzzle with ease, completing it in a swift un.

Un as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The teacher handed out the assignment to the class of twenty uns.
  2. They lined up in groups of three, forming rows of uns.
  3. The committee members were split into two opposing uns.
  4. The choir sang in perfect harmony, their voices blending as one un.
  5. The protesters marched in unity, shouting slogans as a collective un.
  6. The volunteers worked tirelessly, forming an organized un.
  7. The board of directors voted and reached a unanimous un.
  8. The police officers arrived in a fleet of patrol uns.
  9. The event attracted a crowd of thousands, a sea of excited uns.
  10. The team members linked arms, forming a human un.

Singular Possessive of Un

The singular possessive form of “Un” is “Un’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Un:

  1. I marveled at Un’s mysterious nature.
  2. Un’s energy radiated from within.
  3. The book revealed Un’s true identity.
  4. I explored Un’s hidden depths.
  5. Un’s presence filled the room.
  6. The artist captured Un’s essence on canvas.
  7. I pondered Un’s enigmatic message.
  8. Un’s beauty was beyond description.
  9. I delved into Un’s intricate symbolism.
  10. Un’s secrets remained shrouded in mystery.

Plural Possessive of Un

The plural possessive form of “Un” is “Uns'”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Un:

  1. The researchers studied the uns’ behavior.
  2. I observed the group of uns’ in their habitat.
  3. The stories told of the uns’ ancient wisdom.
  4. I saw the flock of uns’ flying overhead.
  5. The tribe revered the uns’ as sacred beings.
  6. I sought guidance from the uns’ elders.
  7. The legends recounted the adventures of the uns’.
  8. I marveled at the diversity of the uns’ species.
  9. The photographers captured the beauty of the uns’.
  10. I respected the harmony among the uns’.

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