Guaranty Plural, What is the plural of Guaranty?

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Meaning: variant form of guarantee.

Plural of Guaranty

Singular Plural
Guaranty Guaranties

Guaranty as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. He offered a guaranty of satisfaction for his services.
  2. The company provided a written guaranty for their products.
  3. She sought a guaranty to protect her investment.
  4. The salesman gave a verbal guaranty to the customer.
  5. The guaranty covered repairs and replacements.
  6. They required a guaranty for the loan.
  7. The contract included a guaranty
  8. The manufacturer extended the guaranty
  9. The customer demanded a full guaranty for the purchase.
  10. The company honored their guaranty

Guaranty as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. They offered multiple guaranties to attract customers.
  2. The company had different guaranties for different products.
  3. The guaranties covered both parts and labor.
  4. They provided written guaranties for all their services.
  5. The customer compared the guaranties offered by different companies.
  6. They expanded their guaranties to include international customers.
  7. The salesperson explained the benefits of their guaranties.
  8. The fine print of the guaranties revealed specific conditions.
  9. They adjusted their guaranties based on customer feedback.
  10. The company’s reputation relied on honoring their guaranties.

Singular Possessive of Guaranty

The singular possessive form of “Guaranty” is “Guaranty’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Guaranty:

  1. The validity of the guaranty’s terms was questioned.
  2. She relied on the guaranty’s coverage for peace of mind.
  3. The terms of the guaranty’s contract were binding.
  4. The extent of the guaranty’s protection exceeded expectations.
  5. The clarity of the guaranty’s language reassured customers.
  6. The value of the guaranty’s benefits was evident.
  7. The customer service addressed all guaranty’s concerns promptly.
  8. The expiration date of the guaranty’s coverage loomed closer.
  9. She exercised her rights under the guaranty’s provisions.
  10. The terms and conditions clarified the guaranty’s limitations.

Plural Possessive of Guaranty

The plural possessive form of “Guaranty” is “Guaranties'”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Guaranty:

  1. They compared the guaranties’ offers before making a decision.
  2. The different guaranties’ terms provided options for customers.
  3. The fine print of the guaranties’ agreements required careful examination.
  4. The claims process varied among the different guaranties’ providers.
  5. They analyzed the benefits of the guaranties’ packages comprehensively.
  6. The collective impact of the guaranties’ coverage benefited the community.
  7. The companies improved their guaranties’ services based on feedback.
  8. The customers’ satisfaction influenced the guaranties’ reputation.
  9. The comprehensive nature of the guaranties’ policies protected consumers.
  10. They sought legal advice regarding their guaranties’ rights.

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