Gladiolus Plural, What is the plural of Gladiolus?

Meaning: they are named after the Latin word “gladius”, meaning sword.

Singular and Plural of Gladiolus

Singular Plural
Gladiolus Gladioli

Gladiolus as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The colorful gladiolus stood tall in the flowerbed.
  2. She picked a single stem of purple gladiolus for the vase.
  3. The delicate beauty of the pink gladiolus captured everyone’s attention.
  4. The garden showcased a stunning variety of gladiolus.
  5. The red gladiolus added a vibrant touch to the floral arrangement.
  6. Each gladiolus flower opened up to reveal its intricate pattern.
  7. The yellow gladiolus brightened up the corner of the garden.
  8. He carefully trimmed the leaves around the white gladiolus.
  9. The orange gladiolus complemented the other flowers in the bouquet.
  10. We planted a row of gladiolus bulbs in the spring.

Gladiolus as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The garden was filled with rows of colorful gladioluses.
  2. She arranged a bouquet of mixed gladioluses for the centerpiece.
  3. The vibrant hues of the different gladioluses created a stunning display.
  4. We planted several gladioluses along the garden path.
  5. The florist offered a wide selection of fresh gladioluses.
  6. The tall stalks of the purple gladioluses swayed in the wind.
  7. The garden bed was adorned with a variety of blooming gladioluses.
  8. The red and yellow gladioluses added a pop of color to the landscape.
  9. The exhibition showcased a collection of rare and exotic gladioluses.
  10. She carefully arranged the long-stemmed gladioluses in a tall vase.

Singular Possessive of Gladiolus

The singular possessive form of “Gladiolus” is “Gladiolus’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Gladiolus:

  1. The beauty of gladiolus’s petals mesmerized everyone.
  2. The gardener planted gladiolus’s in the flower bed.
  3. The vase held a single stem of gladiolus’s.
  4. The tip of gladiolus’s spike was sharp.
  5. Gladiolus’s fragrance filled the garden.
  6. The plant’s height made gladiolus’s stand out.
  7. The arrangement highlighted the elegance of gladiolus’s.
  8. The gardener nurtured gladiolus’s with care.
  9. The botanist studied gladiolus’s growth patterns.
  10. The florist used gladiolus’s in the centerpiece.

Plural Possessive of Gladiolus

The plural possessive form of “Gladiolus” is “Gladioli’s”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Gladiolus:

  1. The garden displayed various colors of gladioli’s.
  2. The bouquet consisted of several gladioli’s.
  3. The florist arranged the gladioli’s in a pattern.
  4. The vase showcased the elegance of gladioli’s.
  5. Gladioli’s popularity as cut flowers increased.
  6. The gardeners admired the beauty of gladioli’s.
  7. The competition judged the quality of gladioli’s.
  8. The market offered different varieties of gladioli’s.
  9. The botanists researched the genetics of gladioli’s.
  10. The festival celebrated the blooming of gladioli’s.

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