Ulna Plural, What is the Plural of Ulna?

Meaning: bone on the little-finger

Plural of Ulna

Singular Plural
ulna ulnas

Ulna as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The X-ray showed a fracture in the ulna.
  2. The doctor examined her injured ulna
  3. He experienced pain in his left ulna after the fall.
  4. The athlete wore a brace to protect her ulna.
  5. The surgeon operated on the broken ulna.
  6. The radiologist identified a dislocation in the ulna.
  7. The physical therapist provided exercises to strengthen the ulna.
  8. The patient complained of tenderness in the injured ulna.
  9. The orthopedic specialist recommended a cast for the fractured ulna.
  10. The athlete underwent surgery to repair the damaged ulna.

Ulna as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The X-ray revealed fractures in both ulnae.
  2. The doctors treated the dislocated ulnae.
  3. The cyclist suffered injuries to her ulnae in the accident.
  4. The patient had multiple fractures in his ulnae.
  5. The radiologist examined the X-rays of the broken ulnae.
  6. The orthopedic surgeon operated on the shattered ulnae.
  7. The physical therapist provided exercises to rehabilitate the injured ulnae.
  8. The athlete’s fractured ulnae required a cast.
  9. The doctor examined the patient’s swollen ulnae.
  10. The X-ray technician took images of the patient’s injured ulnae.

Singular Possessive of Ulna

The singular possessive form of “Ulna” is “Ulna’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Ulna:

  1. The doctor examined Ulna’s fracture with care.
  2. Ulna’s structure supports the forearm and wrist.
  3. The X-ray revealed Ulna’s location in the arm.
  4. The surgeon operated on Ulna’s broken bone.
  5. The injury affected Ulna’s mobility and strength.
  6. Ulna’s growth contributes to the development of the arm.
  7. The therapist recommended exercises to strengthen Ulna’s bone.
  8. Ulna’s flexibility is important for forearm rotation.
  9. The athlete protected Ulna’s bone during training.
  10. Ulna’s alignment is crucial for proper hand function.

Plural Possessive of Ulna

The plural possessive form of “Ulna” is “Ulnas'”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Ulna:

  1. The doctors examined both Ulnas’ fractures carefully.
  2. The X-rays showed the alignment of Ulnas’ in the arms.
  3. The surgeons operated on both Ulnas’ broken bones simultaneously.
  4. The injuries affected both Ulnas’ mobility and strength.
  5. The therapists recommended exercises to rehabilitate both Ulnas’.
  6. The athletes wore protective gear to prevent injuries to both Ulnas’.
  7. The growth plates of both Ulnas’ are still developing.
  8. The trainers provided specialized exercises to strengthen both Ulnas’.
  9. The patients complained of pain in both Ulnas’.
  10. The X-ray technician examined the alignment of both Ulnas’.

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