Envelope Plural, What is the Plural of Envelope?

Meaning: a flat paper container with a sealable flap.

Plural of Envelope



  • pocket
  • jacket
  • container
  • coat
  • casing
  • box
  • bag

Envelope as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. I sealed the letter in the white envelope.
  2. The envelope had my name and address written on it.
  3. The mail carrier delivered an important envelope to my doorstep.
  4. I put the invitation inside a decorative envelope.
  5. The post office provided various sizes of envelopes.
  6. The letter slipped out of the torn envelope during transit.
  7. The package contained a surprise gift in a padded envelope.
  8. The envelope was marked “Fragile, handle with care.”
  9. I licked the adhesive strip and sealed the envelope.
  10. The document was confidential and sealed in a secure envelope.

Envelope as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The secretary sorted through the stack of incoming envelopes.
  2. The office staff distributed the important documents in sealed envelopes.
  3. The post office employees processed thousands of envelopes
  4. The mailroom received a shipment of empty envelopes.
  5. The company ordered custom-printed business envelopes.
  6. The employees addressed and stamped the outgoing envelopes.
  7. The lost and found department held a collection of unclaimed envelopes.
  8. The correspondence team sorted the internal envelopes for distribution.
  9. The stationery store sold a variety of colored envelopes.
  10. The mailroom clerk organized the incoming envelopes by department.

Singular Possessive of Envelope

The singular possessive form of “Envelope” is “Envelope’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Envelope:

  1. The letter was tucked inside the envelope’s folds.
  2. The return address was written on the envelope’s corner.
  3. The postman delivered the envelope’s contents to the recipient.
  4. The envelope’s seal kept the contents secure.
  5. The sender’s name was written on the envelope’s front.
  6. The envelope’s size determined the postage cost.
  7. The greeting card fit perfectly inside the envelope’s dimensions.
  8. The ink smudged slightly on the envelope’s surface.
  9. The invitation’s details were printed on the envelope’s back.
  10. The recipient carefully opened the envelope’s flap.

Plural Possessive of Envelope

The plural possessive form of “Envelope” is “Envelopes’.”

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Envelope:

  1. The stack of envelopes’ sizes varied from small to large.
  2. The office organized the envelopes’ contents into different categories.
  3. The secretary labeled the envelopes’ according to their urgency.
  4. The mailroom sorted the envelopes’ alphabetically by the recipient’s name.
  5. The stack of envelopes’ awaited processing by the postal service.
  6. The wedding invitations filled multiple envelopes’ for different guests.
  7. The box contained various sizes and colors of envelopes’.
  8. The office supply store sold packs of envelopes’ in bulk.
  9. The post office offered different services for mailing the envelopes’.
  10. The delivery person handed out the envelopes’ to the recipients.

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