Strife Plural, What is the Plural of Strife?

Meaning: angry or bitter disagreement

Plural of Strife


 Synonyms of Strife

  • variance
  • friction
  • dissension
  • discord
  • disagreement
  • conflict

Strife as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. Strife erupted between the rival gangs in the neighborhood.
  2. The family was torn apart by the constant strife.
  3. His ambition led to strife within the company.
  4. The country was engulfed in political strife.
  5. The town was ravaged by poverty and strife.
  6. The novel explores the theme of personal strife.
  7. Strife and conflict were the central themes of the play.
  8. The nation faced a period of economic strife.
  9. The war brought strife and suffering to the region.
  10. The community was divided by racial strife.

Strife as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The city was plagued by various strifes.
  2. The region experienced years of ethnic strifes.
  3. The country is recovering from the aftermath of multiple strifes.
  4. Their relationship was marked by constant strifes.
  5. The society was torn apart by religious and political strifes.
  6. The nation faced several internal strifes in the past decade.
  7. The family was burdened by ongoing financial strifes.
  8. The community worked towards resolving their internal strifes.
  9. The organization was plagued by power struggles and internal strifes.
  10. The village overcame years of communal strifes.

Singular Possessive of Strife

The singular possessive form of “Strife” is “Strife’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Strife:

  1. Strife’s impact on relationships is destructive.
  2. The consequences of Strife’s presence are detrimental.
  3. The intensity of Strife’s conflicts is escalating.
  4. Strife’s influence on communities is divisive.
  5. The weight of Strife’s burdens is overwhelming.
  6. Strife’s toll on mental health is concerning.
  7. We need to address Strife’s root causes.
  8. The effects of Strife’s presence are far-reaching.
  9. Strife’s disruption of peace is distressing.
  10. We should find ways to resolve Strife’s conflicts.

Plural Possessive of Strife

The plural possessive form of “Strife” is “Strifes'”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Strife:

  1. Strifes’ impact on society is evident.
  2. The consequences of multiple strifes’ can be devastating.
  3. The weight of various strifes’ is burdensome.
  4. Strifes’ toll on communities is alarming.
  5. We need to find resolutions to multiple strifes’.
  6. The effects of different strifes’ are interconnected.
  7. Strifes’ influence on our well-being is significant.
  8. The challenges of various strifes’ should be addressed.
  9. Strifes’ disruption of harmony is detrimental.
  10. We must work towards resolving multiple strifes’.

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