Parent Plural, What is the Plural of Parent?

Meaning: a person’s father or mother.

Plural of Parent

Singular Plural
parent parents

Parent as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The parent read a bedtime story to their child.
  2. The teacher communicated with the parent regarding the student’s progress.
  3. The responsible parent ensured the safety of their children.
  4. The parent attended the school meeting to discuss their child’s education.
  5. The loving parent provided emotional support to their teenager.
  6. The exhausted parent took a well-deserved break while the kids played.
  7. The parent taught their child how to ride a bicycle.
  8. The concerned parent consulted a pediatrician for their child’s health.
  9. The parent encouraged their child’s artistic talents and passions.
  10. The proud parent watched their child perform on stage.

Parent as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The school organized a workshop for the parents of the students.
  2. The parents attended the graduation ceremony to celebrate their children’s achievements.
  3. The parents volunteered at the community center to help other families.
  4. The teachers communicated with the parents through regular newsletters.
  5. The parents formed a support group to share their experiences and advice.
  6. The school organized a picnic for the students and their parents.
  7. The parents participated in the school fundraiser to support educational programs.
  8. The parents collaborated with the teachers to plan the school event.
  9. The parents formed carpool groups to ensure safe transportation for the children.
  10. The school invited the parents to attend a seminar on parenting strategies.

Singular Possessive of Parent

The singular possessive form of “Parent” is “Parent’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Parent:

  1. My parent’s car is parked outside.
  2. The teacher praised parent’s involvement in school activities.
  3. We admired the dedication of parent’s volunteer work.
  4. The dog wagged its tail at parent’s arrival.
  5. She inherited her artistic talent from parent’s side.
  6. Parent’s advice guided me through tough times.
  7. I always look forward to parent’s home-cooked meals.
  8. Parent’s support helped me achieve my goals.
  9. We celebrated parent’s anniversary with a grand party.
  10. The doctor appreciated parent’s proactive approach to healthcare.

Plural Possessive of Parent

The plural possessive form of “Parent” is “Parents'”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Parent:

  1. The school organized a meeting for parents’ concerns.
  2. The event was attended by several parents’ groups.
  3. We admired the dedication of parents’ involvement in the PTA.
  4. The school encouraged parents’ participation in school activities.
  5. Parents’ support is crucial for a child’s development.
  6. The teachers appreciated parents’ contributions to the school fundraiser.
  7. We enjoyed the lively conversations during parents’ gathering.
  8. The school sent a newsletter to update parents’ on upcoming events.
  9. The principal recognized parents’ efforts in improving the school.
  10. The school provided resources for parents’ educational workshops.

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