Trellis Plural, What is the Plural of Trellis?

Meaning: a framework of light wooden or metal bars

Singular and Plural of Trellis


 Trellis as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. I installed a trellis in my garden for climbing roses.
  2. The grapevines were supported by a sturdy trellis.
  3. The morning glory vine clung to the wooden trellis.
  4. The ivy covered the entire trellis with its lush leaves.
  5. The jasmine plant twined around the metal trellis
  6. The cucumber plants were trained to grow up the trellis.
  7. I leaned the old trellis against the wall for decoration.
  8. We sat under the shaded trellis and enjoyed the cool breeze.
  9. The grape leaves provided shade beneath the wooden trellis.
  10. She painted the trellis with a fresh coat of white paint.

Trellis as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The roses climbed and intertwined on the garden trellises.
  2. The vines stretched across the multiple wooden trellises.
  3. The ivy covered the walls and the metal trellises.
  4. We added more support by installing additional trellises.
  5. The garden was adorned with beautiful flowering trellises.
  6. Each of the grapevines was tied to separate metal trellises.
  7. The climbers spread across the network of wooden trellises.
  8. The wisteria bloomed on the garden’s various trellises.
  9. The plants climbed on the multiple sturdy trellises.
  10. The entrance was adorned with floral arches and decorative trellises.

Singular Possessive of Trellis

The singular possessive form of “Trellis” is “Trellis’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Trellis:

  1. The garden’s beauty was enhanced by trellis’s.
  2. The plants grew along the trellis’s structure.
  3. The owner installed trellis’s to support the vines.
  4. The flowers added color to the trellis’s backdrop.
  5. Trellis’s purpose is to provide support.
  6. The gardeners admired the design of trellis’s.
  7. The vines’ growth intertwined with trellis’s.
  8. The rose bush climbed on trellis’s effortlessly.
  9. The homeowner maintained trellis’s appearance regularly.
  10. The ivy covered the entire trellis’s surface.

Plural Possessive of Trellis

The plural possessive form of “Trellis” is “Trellises'”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Trellis:

  1. The garden’s beauty relied on multiple trellises’.
  2. The vines climbed on the trellises’ structures.
  3. The gardeners maintained the appearance of trellises’.
  4. The flowers bloomed around the trellises’ edges.
  5. Trellises’ durability is crucial for long-term use.
  6. The design of the trellises’ influenced the garden’s aesthetics.
  7. The climbers attached to the trellises’ support.
  8. The plants thrived on the trellises’ framework.
  9. The garden showcased various types of trellises’.
  10. The homeowners invested in sturdy trellises’.

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