Trench Plural, What is the Plural of Trench?

Meaning: a long, narrow ditch

Singular and Plural of Trench


Trench as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The workers dug a deep trench for the foundation.
  2. He fell into a muddy trench while walking through the construction site.
  3. The soldier hid in a narrow trench during the battle.
  4. The excavation revealed an ancient drainage trench.
  5. We laid the pipes inside the freshly dug trench.
  6. The archaeologists discovered artifacts in the ancient trench.
  7. The heavy rain filled the roadside trench with water.
  8. They built a protective cover over the open trench.
  9. The construction crew worked tirelessly to complete the trench.
  10. We followed the path of the old trench to explore the historical site.

Trench as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The soldiers dug multiple defensive trenches along the front line.
  2. The construction site was filled with workers digging new trenches.
  3. The heavy rainfall caused the nearby fields to flood the trenches.
  4. The archaeological team excavated several ancient trenches.
  5. The engineers reinforced the existing drainage trenches.
  6. The construction crew backfilled the open trenches.
  7. The battle strategy involved a network of interconnected trenches.
  8. The soldiers took cover in the muddy trenches during the bombardment.
  9. The field trip included a visit to the World War I trenches.
  10. The road construction required the digging of multiple trenches.

Singular Possessive of Trench

The singular possessive form of “Trench” is “Trench’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Trench:

  1. The depth of trench’s excavation surprised the workers.
  2. The construction workers dug trench’s for the pipes.
  3. The archaeologists explored trench’s for artifacts.
  4. The rainwater collected in the trench’s bottom.
  5. Trench’s purpose was to drain excess water.
  6. The workers reinforced trench’s walls for stability.
  7. The engineer designed trench’s to channel water.
  8. The soldiers took cover in trench’s during the battle.
  9. The diggers discovered fossils in trench’s layers.
  10. The maintenance crew inspected trench’s for damages.

Plural Possessive of Trench

The plural possessive form of “Trench” is “Trenches'”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Trench:

  1. The construction site had multiple trenches’ for different purposes.
  2. The workers maintained the stability of trenches’ walls.
  3. The engineers designed the layout of trenches’ system.
  4. The rainwater drained into the trenches’ bottoms.
  5. Trenches’ depths varied depending on the project.
  6. The soldiers took cover in the network of trenches’.
  7. The archaeologists studied the artifacts found in the trenches’.
  8. The workers repaired the damages in the trenches’.
  9. The construction crew excavated the trenches’ with precision.
  10. The military used the trenches’ for strategic purposes.

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