30 Funny Words That Start With Z (With Meanings)

Zany, zestful, and zipping with zeal – that’s what the letter ‘Z’ brings to the English language. Often associated with the unusual and the extraordinary, ‘Z’ zips up our list with words that are as amusing as they are unique.

From zippy zingers to zigzagging zoodles, let’s zoom into the world of laughter with 100 funny words that start with Z, each paired with a meaning that adds to their zestful charm!

Funny Words That Start With Z

Here is the list of the most important funny words that begin with the letter ‘Z’ and their meanings;

  1. Zaftig – Having a full, shapely figure.
  2. Zamboni – Machine that smooths ice rinks.
  3. Zany – Comically wild or eccentric.
  4. Zarzuela – A Spanish seafood dish.
  5. Zealot – A fanatically committed person.
  6. Zebroid – Offspring of a zebra and any other equine.
  7. Zedoary – A type of spice.
  8. Zeitgeist – The defining spirit or mood of a particular period.
  9. Zenith – The time at which something is most powerful.
  10. Zephyr – A gentle, mild breeze.
  11. Zestful – Full of energy and enthusiasm.
  12. Zeugma – A figure of speech where a word applies to multiple parts of the sentence.
  13. Zibeline – A soft woolen fabric.
  14. Zigzag – A line or course having sharp turns in alternating directions.
  15. Zillion – An extremely large, indeterminate number.
  16. Zilch – Nothing; zero.
  17. Zingaro – A gypsy.
  18. Zinnia – A colorful flower.
  19. Zip – To move quickly.
  20. Zircon – A mineral resembling a diamond.
  21. Zither – A musical instrument.
  22. Zodiac – Astrological sign system.
  23. Zombie – A fictional undead being.
  24. Zonked – Completely exhausted.
  25. Zooid – A single animal that is part of a colonial organism.
  26. Zoomorphic – Having the form of an animal.
  27. Zooplankton – Small aquatic animals.
  28. Zorbing – Rolling downhill inside a large plastic orb.
  29. Zucchetto – A small, round skullcap worn by Roman Catholic clergy.
  30. Zydeco – A kind of lively dance music.

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Funny Words That Start With Z