30 Funny Words That Start With T (With Meanings)

There’s a certain charm in the way words can tickle our funny bones, and the letter ‘T’ is a treasure trove of such linguistic gems. From tongue-twisters to terms that sound too whimsical to be true, ‘T’ brings a delightful mix of humor and whimsy to the English language.

So, let’s take a turn into the world of laughter and levity, as we explore funny words that start with T, each accompanied by a meaning that adds to their charm!

Funny Words That Start With T

Here is the list of the most important funny words that begin with the letter ‘T’ and their meanings;

  1. Tabefaction – wasting away or becoming emaciated.
  2. Tatterdemalion – a person wearing ragged clothing.
  3. Tchotchke – a small object or trinket, often decorative.
  4. Teetotaler – a person who abstains from alcohol.
  5. Telekinesis – moving objects with the mind.
  6. Temerarious – recklessly or foolishly bold.
  7. Tergiversate – to change repeatedly one’s attitude.
  8. Thalassic – relating to the sea.
  9. Thimblerig – a swindling or deceitful game.
  10. Threnody – a song or hymn of mourning.
  11. Tintinnabulation – the sound of ringing bells.
  12. Tittle – a tiny amount or part.
  13. Toady – a person who flatters for self-gain.
  14. Toboggan – a long, light, narrow vehicle, typically on snow.
  15. Tomfoolery – foolish or silly behavior.
  16. Tonsorial – relating to a barber or barbering.
  17. Toothsome – attractive or tempting, often about food.
  18. Torpid – mentally or physically inactive.
  19. Torqued – twisted or stressed.
  20. Toupee – a small wig or hairpiece.
  21. Towser – a large, rough dog.
  22. Tramontane – coming from the other side of the mountains.
  23. Transmogrify – to change in a surprising or magical manner.
  24. Troglodyte – a person considered to be reclusive, and backward.
  25. Trollop – a woman perceived as sexually disreputable.
  26. Trompe-l’oeil – art technique creating optical illusion.
  27. Trumpery – attractive articles of little value or use.
  28. Tub-thump – to promote something vigorously.
  29. Tumultuous – loud, excited, and emotional.
  30. Turophile – a connoisseur or lover of cheese.

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Funny Words That Start With T