30 Funny Words That Start With Q (With Meanings)

Words have the power to amuse and entertain, and the English language is full of quirky, odd, and downright hilarious words. When it comes to letters that often get overlooked, ‘Q’ stands out.

Not only does it have a unique sound, but it also plays host to some of the most whimsically amusing words in the dictionary. So, prepare to embark on a linguistic journey filled with laughter and surprise, as we explore 100 funny words that start with Q, each with its own peculiar meaning!

Funny Words That Start With Q

Here is the list of the most important funny words that begin with the letter ‘Q’ and their meanings;

  1. Quabble – to argue over trivial matters.
  2. Quacksalver – an unqualified person who pretends to be a doctor.
  3. Quadrate – to adapt or adjust.
  4. Quagmire – a difficult, precarious situation.
  5. Quandary – a state of uncertainty or perplexity.
  6. Quarrelsome – inclined to argue or fight.
  7. Quasimodo – resembling the hunchback of Notre Dame.
  8. Quean – an impudent or ill-behaved girl.
  9. Quibble – to argue over insignificant details.
  10. Quicksilver – another term for mercury, unpredictable.
  11. Quiddity – the inherent nature of something.
  12. Quiescent – being quiet or still, inactive.
  13. Quiff – a piece of hair brushed upward.
  14. Quinella – a type of bet in horse racing.
  15. Quinquagenarian – a person in their fifties.
  16. Quip – a witty or funny observation or remark.
  17. Quirky – having peculiar or unusual habits.
  18. Quisling – a traitor who collaborates with an enemy.
  19. Quixotic – exceedingly idealistic, unrealistic.
  20. Quizzical – expressing mild or amused puzzlement.
  21. Quodlibet – a philosophical or theological point for debate.
  22. Quokka – a small marsupial native to Australia.
  23. Quomodocunquize – to make money in any possible way.
  24. Quorum – the minimum number of members needed for a meeting.
  25. Quota – a fixed share or allowance of something.
  26. Quotidian – occurring every day, commonplace.
  27. Quotha – an expression of surprise or sarcasm.
  28. Quux – a placeholder name in computer programming.
  29. Quuxuum – a hypothetical substance or concept.
  30. Quyjibo – a humorous, made-up term, often nonsensical.

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Funny Words That Start With Q