100 Funny Words That Start With A (Silly with Meanings)

Welcome to the amusing arena of ‘A’! In today’s lighthearted linguistic journey, we’re delving into the delightful world of funny words beginning with the letter ‘A’.

From the awkward antics of aardvarks to the amusing sounds of abracadabra, we’re set to explore the alphabet like never before.

Get ready to giggle and guffaw as we uncover these amusing ‘A’ words that are sure to add an amusing twist to your day!

Funny Words Starting With A

Here is the list of the most important Funny words that begin with the letter ‘A’ and their meanings;

  1. Aardvark: A burrowing, ant-eating animal (fun to say).
  2. Aaugh: Expression of frustration (Charlie Brown style).
  3. Abaft: Toward the back of a boat (watch out for seagulls).
  4. Abbozzo: A rough, preliminary sketch (like my stick figures).
  5. Abecedarian: A beginner in any field (A-B-C easy as 1-2-3).
  6. Abibliophobia: Fear of running out of reading material.
  7. Abligurition: Lavish spending on fine food (foodie’s delight).
  8. Abomasum: The fourth stomach of a cow (for the real foodies).
  9. Abracadabra: A magical spell (results not guaranteed).
  10. Abradable: Wearable by friction (like my patience sometimes).
  11. Abrogate: To abolish or annul (cancel culture).
  12. Absquatulate: To leave abruptly (fancy term for ‘run away’).
  13. Absurdistan: A fictional country of absurdity.
  14. Abulia: Lack of willpower (like avoiding the gym).
  15. Abyssopelagic: Pertaining to the depths of the ocean (deep, man).
  16. Acaudate: Tailless (like a Manx cat).
  17. Accismus: Pretending to be uninterested (hard to get).
  18. Accubation: The act of eating or drinking while lying down.
  19. Acnestis: The part of the back that can’t be scratched.
  20. Acrasia: Lack of self-control (e.g., overeating cookies).
  21. Adactylous: Lacking fingers or toes (makes counting tricky).
  22. Adoxography: Skilled writing on an unimportant subject.
  23. Aeolist: A pompous windbag (not a weather term).
  24. Aeromancy: Divination by the weather (rain means stay in bed).
  25. Afflatus: A creative impulse (not a bodily function).
  26. Agelast: A person who never laughs (imagine meeting one).
  27. Agog: Extremely eager or excited (like a dog with a bone).
  28. Agog: Extremely eager or excited (waiting for dessert).
  29. Ailurophile: A cat lover (meow).
  30. Ailurophobia: Fear of cats (kitty no like).
  31. Al desko: Eating at your desk (lunchtime multitasking).
  32. Alamort: Half-dead (Monday mornings).
  33. Alfresco: Eating outdoors (watch out for birds!).
  34. Allegator: A person who alleges (or an animal who ‘alleges’?).
  35. Alligator: Large reptile (or fancy boots).
  36. Ambisinistrous: Clumsy with both hands (not just one!).
  37. Amphibology: A sentence that can be interpreted in multiple ways.
  38. Anemocracy: Government by the wind (or whims).
  39. Anencephalous: Lacking a brain (useful in some meetings).
  40. Anguilliform: Eel-shaped (great for wiggly dances).
  41. Anorak: A heavy jacket (or an overly enthusiastic person).
  42. Antediluvian: Extremely old (not just your grandparents).
  43. Antimacassar: Protective covering for chairs (from greasy heads).
  44. Antwacky: Old-fashioned (not in a cool vintage way).
  45. Apivorous: Eating bees (not recommended).
  46. Apotemnophilia: Desire for amputation of a healthy limb.
  47. Apple-knocker: A country bumpkin (or fruit harvester?).
  48. Aprosexia: Inability to concentrate (squirrel!).
  49. Aquabib: Water drinker (not as fun as a winebibber).
  50. Arachibutyrophobia: Fear of peanut butter sticking to the roof of your mouth.
  51. Ardle: To potter around aimlessly (a favorite pastime).
  52. Argle-bargle: Meaningless or absurd talk.
  53. Argus-eyed: Very observant (like a hawk, not a potato).
  54. Argy-bargy: A lively argument (not a pirate term).
  55. Armpit: Underarm (also, not the best perfume).
  56. Armscye: Armhole in clothing (sounds like a place in Scotland).
  57. Arrect: Standing up straight (like a penguin).
  58. Articulate: Able to speak clearly (or just chatty).
  59. Asinine: Extremely foolish (like a donkey).
  60. Askance: With suspicion or disapproval (that side-eye).
  61. Askew: Not straight or level (like my picture frames).
  62. Aspergillum: A tool for sprinkling holy water (not for cooking).
  63. Asperse: To spread false charges (or just water plants).
  64. Assize: A session of a court (not a clothing size).
  65. Astonish: To amaze or surprise (like a magician).
  66. Astrogate: To navigate in outer space (where’s my spaceship?).
  67. Aubade: A morning love song (not a serenade for eggs).
  68. Aubergine: A fancy word for eggplant.
  69. Audacious: Bold or daring (like wearing socks with sandals).
  70. Audiophile: A lover of high-fidelity sound (turn it up!).
  71. Augur: To predict (or just guess).
  72. Aurora: Dawn or a natural light display (not a Disney princess).
  73. Auspicate: To predict (or just make an educated guess).
  74. Autarky: Self-sufficiency (like a DIY expert).
  75. Autochthonous: Indigenous or native (not an auto part).
  76. Autodidact: Self-taught person (YouTube university graduate).
  77. Autophagy: Self-devouring (not recommended diet plan).
  78. Autotonsorialist: Someone who cuts their own hair (results may vary).
  79. Avian: Relating to birds (tweet tweet).
  80. Avolition: Lack of motivation (to even finish thi…).
  81. Avuncular: Like an uncle (in behavior, not blood).
  82. Awkward: Clumsy or uncomfortable (like this dance move).
  83. Axiomatic: Self-evident (like the need for coffee).
  84. Axolotl: A Mexican salamander (also, fun to say).
  85. Azalea: A colorful flower (or a fancy way to say ‘sneeze’).
  86. Azimuth: Horizontal angle or direction (where’s my compass?).
  87. Azygous: Single or unpaired (like that lonely sock).
  88. Azymous: Without yeast (for those low-carb diets).

Funny Words Starting with ‘A’ for Kids:

  1. Antsy: Fidgety, like you can’t sit still.
  2. Abracadabra: A magic word for pretend spells.
  3. Achoo: The sound of a sneeze.
  4. Alphabet soup: Letters in your lunch.
  5. Apple-sauce: Silly talk, like ‘nonsense’.
  6. Armadillo: A funny animal with a hard shell.
  7. Alien: A friendly visitor from outer space.
  8. Acrobat: A super flexible circus performer.
  9. Avocado: A fruit that wears a bumpy coat.
  10. Astronaut: A space explorer in a cool suit.
  11. Antenna: Bug’s headgear for receiving signals.
  12. Alligator: A long, toothy, smiley creature.
  13. Amoeba: A tiny, wiggly, one-celled critter.
  14. Ankle-biter: A tiny, energetic kid.
  15. Alfalfa: A plant that sounds like a sneeze.
  16. Aardvark: A funny-sounding animal with a long nose.
  17. Accordion: A squeezebox that makes music.
  18. Astrology: Starry science for space fans.
  19. Anemone: A sea creature that tickles toes.
  20. Alphabetize: Putting things in ABC order.
  21. Aerobics: Jumping and dancing to stay fit.
  22. Avalanche: Snow tumbling down a mountain.
  23. Apricot: A small, fuzzy, sweet fruit.
  24. Airball: A basketball shot that misses everything.
  25. Amber: Ancient tree sap turned to stone.
  26. Anchor: A heavy object to hold ships.
  27. Ambulance: A fast vehicle with loud sirens.
  28. Astronomer: A star scientist with a telescope.
  29. Alphabet: ABCs in a row.
  30. Aztec: Ancient people known for pyramids.

Silly Words Starting With A

  1. Applesauce: Nonsense or foolishness.
  2. Argle-bargle: Meaningless or silly talk.
  3. Aardvark: A peculiar-looking animal with a long snout.
  4. Astro-turf: Fake grass, used humorously.
  5. Avocado: A funny-sounding fruit.
  6. Alley-oop: A basketball move or an exclamation.
  7. Aloof: Distant or uninterested, often humorously so.
  8. Astonish: To surprise greatly, often used playfully.
  9. Ankle-biter: A humorous term for a small child.
  10. Ambidextrous: Able to use both hands equally, often amusingly.
  11. Aerodynamics: The science of air movement, sometimes used humorously.
  12. Aflutter: Being excited to the point of silliness.
  13. Aghast: Shocked or amazed, often exaggeratedly.
  14. Amok: Behaving wildly; often used humorously.
  15. Anteater: An animal with a funny name and appearance.
  16. Asunder: Torn apart, often used in a melodramatic or funny context.

Funny Words Starting with ‘A’ to Describe Someone:

  1. Amiable: Friendly, like a lovable teddy bear.
  2. Animated: Full of life, like a cartoon.
  3. Astonishing: Amazingly surprising, like a magic trick.
  4. Adventurous: Brave like an explorer.
  5. Artistic: Creative as a master painter.
  6. Astute: Smart like a wise owl.
  7. Athletic: Sporty, always ready to play.
  8. Agile: Quick and graceful, like a cat.
  9. Altruistic: Kind-hearted, always helping others.
  10. Ambitious: Dreaming big, like a future president.
  11. Astounding: So impressive, like a superhero.
  12. Assertive: Confident, like a boss.
  13. Astonished: Always surprised, like seeing a unicorn.
  14. Amicable: Friendly like a golden retriever.
  15. Affable: Easy to talk to, like a good friend.
  16. Artful: Clever, like a crafty fox.
  17. Ardent: Passionate, like a super fan.
  18. Apprehensive: A bit worried, like on a roller coaster.
  19. Amazed: Constantly wowed, like seeing fireworks.
  20. Awe-inspiring: Amazing, like a mountain view.
  21. Attentive: Always listening, like a good detective.
  22. Accomplished: Successful, like a champion.

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Funny Words That Start With A