30 Funny Words That Start With U (With Meanings)

Uncovering the unusual and uproariously funny side of the English language, the letter ‘U’ offers an unexpected array of words that are as amusing as they are unique. Often underrepresented in our daily vocabulary, these ‘U’ words bring a smile with their unusual sounds and meanings.

So, let’s embark on an uplifting journey through the alphabet, exploring 100 funny words that start with U, each with its own delightful definition!

Funny Words That Start With U

Here is the list of the most important funny words that begin with the letter ‘U’ and their meanings;

  1. Ubiquitous – Found everywhere, widespread.
  2. Udder – A cow’s milk-producing organ.
  3. Uglier – More unattractive than usual.
  4. Ukulele – A small four-stringed guitar.
  5. Ululate – To howl or wail loudly.
  6. Umbrage – Offense or annoyance.
  7. Unabashed – Not embarrassed or ashamed.
  8. Unbeknownst – Without someone’s knowledge.
  9. Uncanny – Strange, mysterious, unsettling.
  10. Underling – A subordinate or lower-ranking person.
  11. Underwhelm – Fail to impress or excite.
  12. Unfurl – Unfold or spread out.
  13. Ungainly – Awkward, clumsy.
  14. Unicorn – Mythical horse-like creature with a horn.
  15. Unicycle – A cycle with just one wheel.
  16. Unkempt – Not combed, untidy.
  17. Unleash – Release from a leash or restraint.
  18. Unruly – Disorderly and hard to control.
  19. Unscathed – Unharmed, not injured.
  20. Untoward – Unexpected and inappropriate or inconvenient.
  21. Unwind – Relax after stress or tension.
  22. Upbeat – Cheerful, optimistic.
  23. Upchuck – Vomit or throw up.
  24. Uppercut – An upward punch in boxing.
  25. Upsurge – A rapid increase.
  26. Uptight – Anxious or stressed.
  27. Uranium – A heavy radioactive metallic element.
  28. Urchin – Small, mischievous child.
  29. Utopia – Imagined perfect place or state.
  30. Uvula – The dangling flesh at the throat’s back.

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Funny Words That Start With U