50 Funny Words That Start With L (With Meanings)

Are you ready for a linguistic laugh? Let’s liven up your lexicon with some ludicrously lighthearted words that begin with the letter ‘L’.

From whimsical to wacky, these words not only tickle the funny bone but also expand our vocabulary in the most amusing way.

Dive into this delightful list of funny words starting with ‘L’, each accompanied by a quirky definition to brighten your day!

Funny Words That Start With L

Here is the list of the most important Funny words that begin with the letter ‘L’ and their meanings;

  1. Lollygag: To spend time aimlessly; idle.
  2. Lickety-split: Very quickly.
  3. Lugubrious: Excessively mournful, but oddly amusing.
  4. Lampoon: Publicly criticize with humor.
  5. Loopy: Silly or slightly crazy.
  6. Lummox: A clumsy, stupid person.
  7. Lickspittle: A person who flatters or acts sycophantically.
  8. Lamprophony: Loudness and clarity of voice.
  9. Logorrhea: Excessive, unstoppable talking.
  10. Lollapalooza: Something extraordinary or unusual.
  11. Lickpenny: Something that constantly consumes money.
  12. Lycanthrope: A mythical werewolf.
  13. Lilliputian: Extremely small, like Gulliver’s tiny friends.
  14. Lagopodous: Like a rabbit’s foot.
  15. Lackadaisical: Lacking enthusiasm or determination.
  16. Labefaction: The process of crumbling or weakening.
  17. Lobcock: A dull, sluggish person.
  18. Leporine: Resembling a rabbit.
  19. Lucubrate: To work or study laboriously.
  20. Logomachy: An argument about words.
  21. Labrador: Not just a dog, but amusingly awkward.
  22. Lampoonery: The act of writing or performing lampoons.
  23. Lunette: Something shaped like a small moon.
  24. Legerity: Physical or mental quickness.
  25. Lapactic: Something that gently stimulates evacuation.
  26. Liripipe: The long tail of a graduate’s hood.
  27. Lollypop: Childishly funny word for a sweet.
  28. Logophile: A lover of words.
  29. Lactomangulation: The act of mangling milk.
  30. Lamister: To hide from the law.
  31. Larrikin: A mischievous young person.
  32. Loblolly: A muddy, swampy area.
  33. Lagniappe: A small gift given with a purchase.
  34. Lalochezia: The use of foul language to relieve stress.
  35. Libken: A temporary or cheap lodging.
  36. Lipogram: Writing that excludes a specific letter.
  37. Lobloll: A tall tree or a foolish person.
  38. Lumbriciform: Resembling an earthworm.
  39. Luculent: Clear or lucid in expression.
  40. Lickorish: Eager or greedy.
  41. Liripoop: A silly or foolish person.
  42. Logodaedaly: Artful or cunning use of words.
  43. Lumming: Large, heavy, and clumsy.
  44. Lactiferous: Producing or conveying milk.
  45. Lapidify: To turn into stone.
  46. Landlubber: A person unfamiliar with the sea.
  47. Lethologica: The inability to recall a precise word.
  48. Lamington: An Australian sponge cake, amusingly named.
  49. Lepidopterology: The study of butterflies and moths.
  50. Lethophobia: Fear of forgetting.

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Funny Words That Start With L