30 Funny Words That Start With Y (With Meanings)

The letter ‘Y’ may be near the end of the alphabet, but it’s certainly not the least when it comes to offering a dose of humor through language. It’s a letter that yokes together the youthful and the yesteryear, yielding a variety of words that are both funny and fascinating.

Let’s yield to our curiosity and yodel through a list of 100 funny words that start with Y, each with meanings that are as entertaining as the words themselves!

Funny Words That Start With Y

Here is the list of the most important funny words that begin with the letter ‘Y’ and their meanings;

  1. Yaffle – To eat or drink noisily.
  2. Yakety-yak – Non-stop chatty talk.
  3. Yammer – To complain or whine persistently.
  4. Yapok – A South American water opossum.
  5. Yarborough – Hand in bridge with no card above nine.
  6. Yawp – A harsh or hoarse cry or yelp.
  7. Yclept – Named or called (archaic).
  8. Yeasty – Frothy, bubbly, or unstable.
  9. Yegg – A burglar or safecracker.
  10. Yelm – A handful or bundle of straw.
  11. Yen – A strong desire or craving.
  12. Yenta – A gossip or busybody.
  13. Yeomanette – Female yeoman in the US Navy.
  14. Yesternight – The previous night.
  15. Yex – To hiccup or belch.
  16. Yiffy – In the furry community, sexual or flirtatious.
  17. Yikes – Expression of shock or surprise.
  18. Yippee – Expression of joy or excitement.
  19. Yobbery – Hooliganism or rowdy behavior.
  20. Yobbish – Uncouth or rowdy.
  21. Yogini – Female practitioner of yoga.
  22. Yomp – To march long and hard with heavy gear.
  23. Yonderly – Mentally or emotionally distant, absent-minded.
  24. Yoni – Symbolic representation of the female genitalia in Hindu art.
  25. Yooper – A native or resident of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.
  26. Yowl – A loud, wailing cry.
  27. Yoyo – A toy; also, a fickle or inconsistent person.
  28. Yperite – Another term for mustard gas.
  29. Yttrium – A silvery-metallic element, atomic number 39.
  30. Yuppy – Young urban professional.

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Funny Words That Start With Y