100 Funny Words That Start With K (With Meanings)

Welcome to the whimsical world of words, where the letter ‘K’ kicks off the fun! From quirky to comical, the English language is teeming with ‘K’ words that can tickle your funny bone.

Whether it’s the sound, the meaning, or the sheer uniqueness, these ‘K’ words are guaranteed to bring a smile to your face.

Funny Words That Start With K

Here is the list of the most important funny words that begin with the letter ‘K’ and their meanings;

  1. Kabob: Skewered and grilled meat.
  2. Kaboodle: The whole amount or group.
  3. Kaleidoscope: A tube of mirrors creating colorful patterns.
  4. Kameez: A traditional Indian shirt.
  5. Kaput: Broken and useless.
  6. Karaoke: Singing along to recorded music.
  7. Kazoo: A musical instrument that adds a buzzing sound.
  8. Kedgeree: A dish of fish, rice, and eggs.
  9. Keelboat: A flat-bottomed boat.
  10. Keelhaul: To punish by dragging under a ship.
  11. Keening: Wailing in grief.
  12. Keister: Slang for buttocks.
  13. Kelpie: A mythical water horse.
  14. Kerchief: A piece of fabric worn on the head or neck.
  15. Kerf: A cut or groove.
  16. Kerfuffle: A commotion or fuss.
  17. Kerogen: A component of shale rock.
  18. Kerplunk: The sound of something heavy falling.
  19. Kersey: A coarse woolen fabric.
  20. Kibitzer: One who offers unwanted advice.
  21. Kibosh: Put an end to; squash.
  22. Kiddush: A Jewish ceremonial prayer.
  23. Kielbasa: A type of Polish sausage.
  24. Kilderkin: A small barrel or cask.
  25. Killick: A small anchor or weight.
  26. Kinetoscope: An early motion picture device.
  27. Kipper: A smoked herring.
  28. Kitsch: Tacky or lowbrow quality art.
  29. Kitschy: Tacky or gaudy in style.
  30. Klaxon: A loud electric horn.
  31. Klompen: Traditional Dutch wooden shoes.
  32. Klutz: A clumsy person.
  33. Knackwurst: A type of German sausage.
  34. Knavery: Unprincipled, untrustworthy behavior.
  35. Knickerbocker: A New Yorker or a type of trousers.
  36. Knickknack: A small worthless object.
  37. Knish: A stuffed pastry snack.
  38. Knobble: A small knob or lump.
  39. Knurl: A small, ridged pattern on a surface.
  40. Kobold: A mythical household spirit.
  41. Kook: A crazy or eccentric person.
  42. Kookaburra: A loud, laughing bird.
  43. Kotowaza: A Japanese proverb.
  44. Kowhai: A tree with yellow flowers.
  45. Kowtow: To act excessively subservient.
  46. Kudos: Praise for an achievement.
  47. Kumquat: A small, orange-like fruit.
  48. Kurta: A loose collarless shirt.
  49. Kvetch: To complain persistently.

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Silly Words Starting With K:

  1. Knickknack
  2. Kookaburra
  3. Kerfuffle
  4. Klutz
  5. Knobble
  6. Kudzu
  7. Kowtow
  8. Knickerbocker
  9. Kerplunk
  10. Knapsack
  11. Kaleidoscope
  12. Kibosh
  13. Knucklehead
  14. Kook
  15. Knickknackery
  16. Knavery
  17. Kowtowing
  18. Knobbly
  19. Klutzy
  20. Kookiness

Funny Words Starting with ‘K’ for Kids:

  1. Kitten
  2. Kangaroo
  3. Kazoo
  4. Kite
  5. Kiwi
  6. Koala
  7. Ketchup
  8. Kooky
  9. Kickball
  10. Knickers
  11. Knickknack
  12. Kittenish
  13. Kitkat
  14. Kingfisher
  15. Kelpie
  16. Kookaburra
  17. Kneepad
  18. Knapsack
  19. Knuckle
  20. Kebab

Funny Words Starting with ‘K’ to Describe Someone:

  1. Kindhearted
  2. Knavish
  3. Knowledgeable
  4. Kooky
  5. Keen
  6. Kindly
  7. Kempt
  8. Klutzy
  9. Knockout
  10. Knightly
  11. Kibitzer
  12. Knavery
  13. Kingly
  14. Kitschy
  15. Kittenish
  16. Kibosh
  17. Knotty
  18. Kaleidoscopic
  19. Knucklehead
  20. Kooky

Funny Words That Start With K