100 Funny Words That Start With H (With Meanings)

Welcome to a hilarious journey through the alphabet! Today, we’re diving into the delightful and often amusing world of words that start with the letter ‘H’.

From humorous to downright bizarre, these words will tickle your funny bone and expand your vocabulary. Get ready to laugh and learn with these quirky ‘H’ words!

Funny Words That Start With H

Here is the list of the most important Funny words that begin with the letter ‘H’ and their meanings;

  1. Haberdash: to deal in small wares
  2. Haberdasher: a dealer in small items for sewing
  3. Haberdasherize: to fit or equip like a haberdasher
  4. Haberdashery: a shop selling men’s accessories
  5. Haberdashical: relating to a haberdashery
  6. Haberdashments: items sold by a haberdasher
  7. Harum-scarum: reckless or impetuous
  8. Helter-skelter: in hasty and disorderly haste
  9. Higgledypiggledy: disorderly or chaotic (one word)
  10. Higgler: a person who bargains or haggles
  11. Hippodrome: an ancient Greek stadium for horse racing
  12. Hippogriff: a mythical creature (half horse, half eagle)
  13. Hobgobbled: confused or bewildered
  14. Hobgoblin: a mischievous goblin or elf
  15. Hobnail: a large-headed nail
  16. Hobnob: to socialize or talk informally
  17. Hobnobbery: the act of socializing with others
  18. Hobnobular: characteristic of hobnobbing
  19. Hobnobulation: the act of hobnobbing
  20. Hocus: to cheat or deceive
  21. Hocus-pocus: deceptive or tricky talk
  22. Hocuspocussing: engaging in deceptive practices
  23. Hocus-pokerus: playful variant of hocus-pocus
  24. Hodgepodge: a confused mixture
  25. Hodgepodger: one who makes a hodgepodge
  26. Hodgepodgery: the practice of mixing things in a confused way
  27. Hooey: nonsense or rubbish
  28. Hoofer: a professional dancer
  29. Hoo-ha: a noisy or excited fuss
  30. Hoo-hahing: making a noisy disturbance
  31. Hoopla: bustling excitement or activity
  32. Hootchy-kootchy: a type of belly dance
  33. Hootenannied: past tense of participating in a hootenanny
  34. Hootenanny: an informal gathering with folk music
  35. Hootenannying: participating in a hootenanny
  36. Hornswoggle: to deceive or trick
  37. Hullaballoo: an uproar or fuss (alternative spelling)
  38. Hullabaloola: exaggerated commotion (creative variant)
  39. Hullabalooloo: an exaggerated form of commotion
  40. Hullabalooly: a tumultuous noise (playful variant)
  41. Hullabaloon: an alternative playful form of hullabaloo
  42. Humdinger: an outstanding or remarkable thing
  43. Hyperbolic: exaggerated or over-the-top
  44. Hypnagogic: pertaining to the state before falling asleep
  45. Hypnopompic: relating to the state from sleep to wakefulness

Silly Words Starting With H:

  1. Hobnob
  2. Hodgepodge
  3. Higgledy-piggledy
  4. Hoopla
  5. Hubbub
  6. Humdrum
  7. Hocus-pocus
  8. Hullabaloo
  9. Higgledy
  10. Hootenanny
  11. Hooligan
  12. Higgler
  13. Hobbledehoy
  14. Hokey
  15. Hooey
  16. Hodge
  17. Humbuggery
  18. Hoo-ha
  19. Horsey
  20. Huzzah

Funny Words Starting with ‘H’ for Kids:

  1. Hippopotamus
  2. Hiccup
  3. Hopscotch
  4. Hamburger
  5. Helicopter
  6. Hoot
  7. Hamster
  8. Hat
  9. Honeybee
  10. Hula
  11. Hodgepodge
  12. Hummingbird
  13. Higgledy-piggledy
  14. Hoopla
  15. Hocus-pocus
  16. Hullabaloo
  17. Hooligan
  18. Horsey
  19. Hodge
  20. Hokey

Funny Words Starting with ‘H’ to Describe Someone:

  1. Happy-go-lucky
  2. Highbrow
  3. Hilarious
  4. Honorable
  5. Hapless
  6. Headstrong
  7. Heartfelt
  8. Heroic
  9. Hysterical
  10. Humble
  11. Handsome
  12. Hearty
  13. High-spirited
  14. Hardworking
  15. Hilarious
  16. Huffy
  17. Heedful
  18. Hyperactive
  19. Hopeful
  20. Huggable

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Funny Words That Start With H