Era Plural, What is the Plural of Era?

Meaning: a long and distinct period of history.

Plural of Era

Singular Plural
Era Era


  • age
  • cycle
  • day
  • generation
  • stage

Era as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The Renaissance was an influential era in art and culture.
  2. The Industrial Revolution marked a transformative era in history.
  3. The Victorian era is known for its strict societal norms.
  4. The space exploration era began with the launch of Sputnik.
  5. The digital era revolutionized communication and information access.
  6. The Paleolithic era witnessed the development of early human civilizations.
  7. The post-war era brought significant political and social changes.
  8. The discovery of electricity initiated a new era of technological advancements.

Era as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The historians divided human history into different eras.
  2. The Renaissance and Enlightenment were two distinct eras in European history.
  3. The ancient eras left behind remarkable architectural wonders.
  4. The eras of monarchy and democracy shaped the nation’s governance.
  5. The archaeological findings provided insights into prehistoric eras.
  6. The eras of exploration and colonization reshaped global politics.
  7. The medieval and modern eras saw contrasting cultural and intellectual developments.
  8. The eras of war and peace influenced societal values and priorities.

Singular Possessive of Era

The singular possessive form of “Era” is “Era’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Era:

  1. The book tells the story of Era’s triumphs.
  2. Era’s influence can be seen throughout history.
  3. We admire Era’s contributions to art.
  4. The museum displays Era’s artifacts.
  5. I cherish Era’s wisdom and teachings.
  6. Era’s legacy continues to inspire generations.
  7. The documentary explores Era’s achievements.
  8. We honor Era’s memory with this monument.
  9. The painting captures Era’s spirit beautifully.
  10. The novel delves into Era’s struggles and victories.

Plural Possessive of Era

The plural possessive form of “Era” is “Eras'”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Era:

  1. We studied different Eras’ cultural developments.
  2. The exhibit showcases various Eras’ artistic styles.
  3. Eras’ impact on society cannot be ignored.
  4. The researchers analyzed multiple Eras’ economic trends.
  5. The book explores different Eras’ political ideologies.
  6. The documentary examines various Eras’ technological advancements.
  7. We appreciate the contributions of previous Eras’ scientists.
  8. The museum displays artifacts from different Eras’ civilizations.
  9. Eras’ accomplishments shaped the course of history.
  10. The symposium focuses on the legacies of different Eras’ leaders.

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