Garage Plural, What is the plural of Garage?

Meaning: a building for housing a motor vehicle or vehicles.

Singular and Plural of Garage

Singular Plural
Garage Garages

Garage as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. He parked his car in the spacious garage next to the house.
  2. The mechanic repaired the engine in the auto garage.
  3. The homeowner organized the tools in the garage for easy access.
  4. The garage door opened automatically as the car approached.
  5. The cyclist stored his bicycle in the secure garage.
  6. The architect designed a modern and functional garage for the client.
  7. The electrician installed new lighting fixtures in the garage.
  8. The homeowner converted the garage into a home gym.
  9. The classic car collection was displayed in the temperature-controlled garage.
  10. The family used the garage as a workshop for DIY projects.

Garage as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The apartment complex had multiple underground garages for residents.
  2. The company constructed several parking garages near the office building.
  3. The real estate developer planned to build additional garages for the housing complex.
  4. The shopping mall offered free parking in its spacious garages.
  5. The homeowners’ association implemented new security measures for the residential garages.
  6. The city council approved the construction of public garages to alleviate parking issues.
  7. The car enthusiasts gathered in the private garages to showcase their vehicles.
  8. The hotel provided valet service for guests’ vehicles in the covered garages.
  9. The maintenance crew painted the lines in the parking garages for better organization.

Singular Possessive of Garage

The singular possessive form of “Garage” is “Garage’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Garage:

  1. I parked my car in Garage’s designated spot.
  2. Garage’s door was left open by mistake.
  3. The mechanic fixed Garage’s broken lock.
  4. We admired the organization of Garage’s tools.
  5. The smell of gasoline filled Garage’s air.
  6. The homeowner invested in Garage’s security system.
  7. I borrowed a ladder from Garage’s storage area.
  8. The inspector checked Garage’s electrical wiring.
  9. The owner painted Garage’s walls a vibrant color.
  10. We cleaned out Garage’s cluttered shelves.

Plural Possessive of Garage

The plural possessive form of “Garage” is “Garages'”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Garage:

  1. We admired the organization of the Garages’ tools.
  2. The homeowners invested in the security of their Garages’.
  3. I borrowed a ladder from the Garages’ storage area.
  4. The mechanics fixed the Garages’ broken locks.
  5. The inspectors checked the Garages’ electrical wiring.
  6. We cleaned out the cluttered shelves of the Garages’.
  7. The neighbors were impressed by the maintenance of the Garages’.
  8. The committee discussed the renovation of the Garages’.
  9. The builders constructed the Garages’ with sturdy materials.
  10. The owners painted the walls of their Garages’ a fresh color.

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