House Plural, What is the plural of House?

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Meaning: a building for human habitation.

Plural of House

Singular Plural
House Houses

House as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. I walked up the steps and entered the house.
  2. The front porch of the house was adorned with flowers.
  3. The architect designed a modern and spacious house.
  4. The house had a cozy fireplace in the living room.
  5. She looked out the window of her house and admired the view.
  6. The large oak tree provided shade for the front of the house.
  7. The real estate agent showed me around the beautiful house.
  8. The house had a welcoming atmosphere and felt like home.
  9. The interior of the house was tastefully decorated.
  10. The backyard of the house had a swimming pool and a garden.

House as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. They built several houses in the new residential development.
  2. The neighborhood was filled with colorful and charming houses.
  3. The row of beachfront houses offered breathtaking views.
  4. The children played in their friends’ houses during the summer.
  5. The architect designed unique and innovative modern-style houses.
  6. The houses in the historic district were preserved for their architectural significance.
  7. The housing market had a high demand for affordable houses.
  8. The real estate company specialized in selling luxury waterfront houses.
  9. The city council approved the construction of new houses in the suburban area.
  10. The construction workers were busy building new houses in the residential neighborhood.

Singular Possessive of House

The singular possessive form of “House” is “House’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of House:

  1. The color of the House’s exterior is vibrant.
  2. We admired the architecture of House’s design.
  3. House’s interior reflects the owner’s taste.
  4. The maintenance of House’s garden requires dedication.
  5. The size of House’s rooms provides ample space.
  6. House’s location offers convenient access to amenities.
  7. We noticed the elegance of House’s front entrance.
  8. House’s historical significance adds to its charm.
  9. The value of House’s property has increased over time.
  10. We appreciated the warmth of House’s cozy fireplace.

Plural Possessive of House

The plural possessive form of “House” is “Houses'”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of House:

  1. The styles of different Houses’ architecture vary.
  2. We explored the interiors of several Houses’.
  3. Houses’ locations offer diverse neighborhood experiences.
  4. The maintenance of multiple Houses’ requires effort.
  5. The layouts of these Houses’ are thoughtfully designed.
  6. Houses’ histories provide insight into local heritage.
  7. We admired the uniqueness of different Houses’ features.
  8. Houses’ values fluctuate based on market trends.
  9. The neighborhoods with well-maintained Houses’ are desirable.
  10. We enjoyed the character of various Houses’ exteriors.

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