Trapezius Plural, What is the Plural of Trapezius?

Meaning: Each side of the upper back has a huge flat triangular basic muscle.

Singular and Plural of Trapezius

Singular Plural
trapezius trapezii

 Trapezius as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The strained trapezius muscle caused him immense pain.
  2. The therapist massaged his aching trapezius.
  3. He winced as the needle pierced his knotted trapezius.
  4. The athlete’s trapezius rippled with every movement.
  5. The weightlifter focused on strengthening his trapezius.
  6. The tension in his trapezius radiated down his spine.
  7. The chiropractor gently manipulated her tense trapezius.
  8. The strained trapezius hindered his range of motion.
  9. The massage therapist applied deep pressure to his tight trapezius.
  10. The physiotherapist recommended exercises to alleviate his trapezius

Trapezius as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The dancers’ trapezius muscles were well-developed from their routines.
  2. The gymnasts showcased their strong, defined trapezius.
  3. The bodybuilders focused on sculpting their massive trapezius.
  4. The fitness instructor demonstrated exercises to target the upper trapezius.
  5. The athletes worked hard to strengthen their trapezius
  6. The weightlifters displayed impressive traps, also known as trapezius.
  7. The physical therapist recommended stretches to relieve the tight trapezius.
  8. The yoga instructor emphasized proper alignment of the trapezius.
  9. The swimmers’ powerful strokes engaged their robust trapezius.
  10. The trainers emphasized the importance of a balanced trapezius

Singular Possessive of Trapezius

The singular possessive form of “Trapezius” is “Trapezius’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Trapezius:

  1. The athlete strained Trapezius’s muscle during training.
  2. The therapist massaged Trapezius’s tense area.
  3. Trapezius’s function includes shoulder movement.
  4. The anatomy textbook explained Trapezius’s attachment points.
  5. The physiotherapist treated Trapezius’s injury.
  6. Trapezius’s strength is crucial for proper posture.
  7. The trainer demonstrated exercises to strengthen Trapezius’s.
  8. The chiropractor adjusted Trapezius’s alignment.
  9. Trapezius’s role extends beyond shoulder movements.
  10. The massage therapist targeted Trapezius’s trigger points.

Plural Possessive of Trapezius

The plural possessive form of “Trapezius” is “Trapezii’s”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Trapezius:

  1. The athletes strained their Trapezii’s muscles during the game.
  2. The therapists massaged their clients’ Trapezii’s tense areas.
  3. Trapezii’s functions involve shoulder and neck movements.
  4. The anatomy textbooks explained the attachment points of multiple Trapezii’s.
  5. The physiotherapists treated the athletes’ Trapezii’s injuries.
  6. Trapezii’s strength is crucial for maintaining good posture.
  7. The trainers demonstrated exercises to strengthen athletes’ Trapezii’s.
  8. The chiropractors adjusted their patients’ Trapezii’s alignment.
  9. Trapezii’s roles extend beyond shoulder movements.
  10. The massage therapists targeted clients’ Trapezii’s trigger points.

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