Etiquette Plural, What is the Plural of Etiquette?

Meaning: the customary code of polite behavior in society.

Plural of Etiquette

Singular Plural
Etiquette Etiquettes


  • amenities
  • civility
  • form
  • dignity
  • deportment
  • decorum
  • decency
  • customs
  • courtesy
  • convention

Etiquette as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. Proper etiquette is essential in formal settings.
  2. She studied the etiquette before attending the royal reception.
  3. The dinner party had a strict code of etiquette.
  4. The diplomat followed the protocol and etiquette of the host country.
  5. Good table etiquette includes using the correct utensils.
  6. The business meeting required professional etiquette and decorum.
  7. The social etiquette varies across cultures and societies.
  8. The book provided guidelines on social etiquette for various situations.

Etiquette as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The guests observed proper etiquettes during the formal dinner.
  2. The cultural exchange program taught the students international etiquettes.
  3. The workshop discussed business etiquettes in different countries.
  4. The etiquettes of gift-giving vary across cultures.
  5. The training emphasized workplace etiquettes for effective communication.
  6. The book covered dining etiquettes from various parts of the world.
  7. The etiquettes of conversation include active listening and respectful responses.
  8. The tour guide explained the local customs and etiquettes to the visitors.

Singular Possessive of Etiquette

The singular possessive form of “Etiquette” is “Etiquette’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Etiquette:

  1. The book explains Etiquette’s importance in social interactions.
  2. Etiquette’s rules guide our behavior in formal settings.
  3. We appreciate Etiquette’s role in maintaining harmony.
  4. The seminar teaches us Etiquette’s finer points.
  5. The article highlights Etiquette’s significance in business meetings.
  6. Etiquette’s principles vary across different cultures.
  7. The instructor emphasizes Etiquette’s role in professional settings.
  8. We should be mindful of Etiquette’s impact on others.
  9. The guidebook provides tips for mastering Etiquette’s nuances.
  10. The film explores the consequences of ignoring Etiquette’s norms.

Plural Possessive of Etiquette

The plural possessive form of “Etiquette” is “Etiquettes'”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Etiquette:

  1. Different societies have their own Etiquettes’ customs.
  2. We should respect other cultures’ Etiquettes’ practices.
  3. The book discusses various Etiquettes’ protocols.
  4. Understanding different Etiquettes’ expectations is crucial.
  5. The workshop covers multiple Etiquettes’ rules.
  6. We should adapt to different Etiquettes’ norms when traveling.
  7. The course explores international business Etiquettes’ conventions.
  8. The article highlights common dining Etiquettes’ across cultures.
  9. Etiquettes’ rules can change over time.
  10. The guidebook provides insights into workplace Etiquettes’.

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