Simpatico Plural, What is the Plural of Simpatico?

Meaning:  agreeable, likeable

Plural of Simpatico

Singular Plural
simpatico simpatici

 Synonyms of Simpatico

  • suitable
  • consistent
  • congruous
  • congruent
  • congenial
  • appropriate
  • adaptable
  • accordant

Simpatico as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The two individuals shared a deep simpatico.
  2. Their connection was characterized by an undeniable simpatico.
  3. The conversation flowed effortlessly, revealing their simpatico.
  4. The meeting of minds created a strong simpatico between them.
  5. Their shared values and interests fostered a strong simpatico.
  6. The team’s collaboration was marked by a natural simpatico.
  7. The couple’s relationship was built on a foundation of simpatico.
  8. The artist and the curator found simpatico in their vision.
  9. The band’s members had an intuitive simpatico on stage.
  10. The mentor and mentee had a mentorship built on simpatico.

Simpatico as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The two friends had a group of simpaticos who shared their interests.
  2. The organization attracted a network of like-minded simpaticos.
  3. The community of artists formed a collective of creative simpaticos.
  4. The conference brought together a diverse group of industry simpaticos.
  5. The workshop aimed to connect aspiring entrepreneurs with seasoned simpaticos.
  6. The organization encouraged individuals to seek out their simpaticos.
  7. The online forum provided a space for simpaticos to connect and collaborate.
  8. The mentorship program paired mentees with industry simpaticos.
  9. The artist’s retreat attracted a gathering of fellow simpaticos.
  10. The seminar fostered networking opportunities among like-minded simpaticos.

Singular Possessive of Simpatico

The singular possessive form of “Simpatico” is “Simpatico’s.”

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Simpatico:

  1. The collaboration between the artists showcased Simpatico’s harmony.
  2. The team’s success was attributed to Simpatico’s teamwork.
  3. We appreciated Simpatico’s understanding and support.
  4. The partners’ relationship was built on Simpatico’s mutual respect.
  5. The band’s music resonated with Simpatico’s emotions.
  6. The colleagues admired Simpatico’s positive energy.
  7. The project’s outcome reflected Simpatico’s shared vision.
  8. The couple’s love story was marked by Simpatico’s compatibility.
  9. I valued Simpatico’s ability to connect with others.
  10. The friendship was strengthened by Simpatico’s shared interests.

Plural Possessive of Simpatico

The plural possessive form of “Simpatico” is “Simpaticos’.”

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Simpatico:

  1. The group’s success relied on the Simpaticos’ cooperation.
  2. We admired the Simpaticos’ ability to work together seamlessly.
  3. The team’s dynamics were characterized by the Simpaticos’ understanding.
  4. The organization celebrated the Simpaticos’ contributions.
  5. The project’s achievements were the result of the Simpaticos’ collaboration.
  6. The band members’ bond was evident in the Simpaticos’ performances.
  7. The partners’ success stemmed from the Simpaticos’ shared values.
  8. The committee acknowledged the Simpaticos’ efforts.
  9. I witnessed the Simpaticos’ dedication to their craft.
  10. The choir’s harmonies were perfected by the Simpaticos’ synchronization.

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