Compass Plural, What is the Plural of Compass?

Meaning: an instrument containing a magnetized pointer.

Plural of COMPASS


Synonyms of COMPASS

  • area
  • bound
  • circle
  • enclosure
  • environs
  • expanse
  • extent
  • circuit
  • circumference
  • circumscription
  • confines
  • domain

Compass as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The hiker used a compass to find their way through the dense forest.
  2. A reliable compass is a must-have tool for outdoor enthusiasts.
  3. The sailor relied on the compass to navigate the open sea.
  4. The scout demonstrated how to use a compass during the survival training.
  5. The explorer’s compass pointed north, guiding them on their journey.
  6. Without a functioning compass, it was challenging to determine the correct direction.
  7. The hiker followed the needle on the compass to stay on the right path.
  8. A digital compass provides accurate directional information in various environments.
  9. The adventurer had a backup compass in case the primary one failed.
  10. The geologist used a compass to map out the magnetic field in the area.

Compass as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The mariners relied on their compasses to navigate the treacherous waters.
  2. The explorers’ compasses helped them traverse the uncharted territory.
  3. The hikers’ compasses indicated they were heading in the wrong direction.
  4. The pilots double-checked their compasses before takeoff to ensure accuracy.
  5. The sailors adjusted their compasses to account for the magnetic variation.
  6. The mountaineers carried spare compasses in case of equipment failure.
  7. The navigators used their compasses to plot the course on the nautical chart.
  8. The geocachers relied on their GPS devices and compasses to find hidden treasures.
  9. The military personnel’s survival kits included reliable compasses.
  10. The backpackers’ compasses provided a sense of security in unfamiliar terrain.

Singular Possessive of Compass

The singular possessive form of “Compass” is “Compass’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Compass:

  1. The compass’s needle pointed northward.
  2. Compass’s accuracy is crucial for navigation.
  3. The hiker relied on the compass’s guidance in the wilderness.
  4. The map included a compass’s rose for orientation.
  5. The explorer carried a reliable compass’s instrument.
  6. We calibrated the compass’s dial for better precision.
  7. The sailor relied on the compass’s readings during the storm.
  8. The scout demonstrated how to use a compass’s declination adjustment.
  9. The geologist used a compass’s measurements to map the terrain.
  10. The adventurer’s survival kit included a reliable compass’s.

Plural Possessive of Compass

The plural possessive form of “Compass” is “Compasses'”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Compass:

  1. The compasses’ needles pointed in different directions.
  2. Compasses’ accuracy is crucial for precise surveying.
  3. The expedition required multiple compasses’ for team members.
  4. The cartographer relied on accurate compasses’ measurements.
  5. The hikers carried their own compasses’ for navigation.
  6. We compared the readings of different compasses’ to ensure consistency.
  7. The sailors synchronized their compasses’ for coordinated navigation.
  8. The explorers used the compasses’ readings to plot their course.
  9. The geologists’ fieldwork involved using various compasses’ for geological mapping.
  10. The outdoor enthusiasts swore by the reliability of their trusted compasses’.

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